Best Vacuum for Cat Hair and Litter

Best Vacuum for Cat Hair and Litter

Cats, unlike dogs, require low maintenance. While you have to take a dog out several times a day, cats don’t require that much attention provided they are well-fed. Best Upright Vacuum Also, unlike dogs which have to be taken outside to do their business, lest they soil your carpets, cats only require a litter box that you can scoop a week thrice.

Cats, however, still track the cat litter onto other surfaces, and not all vacuum scan clean cat litter. Well, I would forgive you for thinking any vacuum cleaner is up to the task, but some would be easily spoiled. You require the best vacuum cleaner for pet litter to keep your home in top condition and to ensure the device lasts long.

Why You May Require Cat Litter Vacuum

Other than keeping your house in top condition, below are more reasons as to why you require a vacuum for pet litter.

  • Clay Granules– Similar to rocks, these hard clay granules can damage any normal vacuum in record time. Cat litter has many of these granules, and they travel at high speed inside your gadget and can destroy some of the delicate components of your equipment. Specialized equipment, on the other hand, is built to withstand such abuse without sustaining damage.
  • Mold– Cat litter is an outstanding environment for mold to develop. With a consistent vacuum, there is always the danger of vacuuming the litter plus some damp items resulting in mold growth. You can blow the mold back into your home, and this is particularly dangerous for Asthmatic folks.
  • Odor– Normal vacuums will not remove the smell from the litter or soiled litter. These best vacuums for cat litter, though, will trap the odor and make sure the air in your home is clean.
  • Dust– Cat litter and litter cannot be separated. Dust happens to be a threat to any motor, and it will leave you vacuumless before you have the opportunity to savor your vacuum. On the other hand, specialized devices ensure the dust does not find its way to the motor.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair 

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV752

With its superb performance on hard floors and carpets, its incredible filtration, and its maneuverability, the NV752 is undoubtedly the best vacuum cleaner for cat litter. Best Pet Vacuum First, it has superb filtration, guaranteeing that none of the litter dust makes it back into the house. It is closed, and all the air sucked in will have to pass through the HEPA filter before it is discharged back into the house.

Additionally, you will appreciate the cleaner head. On carpets, you can utilize the brushroll, but you can easily change to hard floor settings, thanks to the fingertip controls. You can also use the hard floor hero, which has better coverage on surfaces such as tiles.

Finally, there is the maneuverability this machine provides. It not only functions as an upright, but you can use it as a powered lift away to clean pet litter under furniture, and as a canister vacuum for above-floor cleaning.


  • It has many accessories.
  • It has LED lights for cleaning dark places.
  • It has a substantial container.
  • It is a huge vacuum.


  • It is large.
  • Swivel routing could be smoother.

Severin Nonstop Bagless Vacuum

The other best vacuum cleaners for cat litter is the Severin bagless vacuum. Ever since manufacturing went to the east, there has been a small decline in quality. Fine, that is not the case with the Severin.

Beginning with the filtration, I believe you will love the HEPA filter as it will trap 99.97% of cat litter dust. This is especially helpful in homes with asthmatic folks. Next, you will appreciate that it is a canister vacuum, and thus you can get to cat litter dust under furniture or above-floor parts.

As for the accessories, there is an upholstery tool, a crevice tool for those tight spots, and some extension tubes for extending the cleaning reach.


  • It is practically quiet at 77 decibels.
  • Emptying the dirt is easy.
  • The cord is retractable and fairly flexible.


  • It has a short cord.
  • Emptying the container will leave a cloud of dust.

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