Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Cleaning up after your four-legged acquaintance is part of the gig for dog owners.

You must dry spilled water from the kitchen floor, scoop up the crumbs surrounding her food dish, and gather the toys she scatters around the house.

And yet we do this without complaining too much since it is a small price to pay for our pups' unconditional love.

But there is one cleaning routine that even the most dedicated dog owner among us despises: Vacuuming up the hair your dog leaves in her wake. If her hair isn't tumbling weeding across your living room, it's sticking to your couch like it was stuck in place.

It's a problem as frustrating as it is familiar, and you've perhaps spent more than one weekend trying to bushwhack your way through a mountain of dog hair only to give up when your vacuum isn't up to the task.

That's a problem, and we're here to assist you in solving it.

Best Vacuums for Dog Hair: Packed with Power

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair Below, we've compiled various types of vacuum cleaners that are specifically made for pet owners.

They are all high-powered vacuums that feature some kinds of allergen filtration and a variety of different attachments. All these vacuums have received rave reviews, even if a few of them have minor problems.

Consider your home and your desires (including the relative amount of hair your dog sheds – some dogs are worse shedders than others are) and choose the model that best suits your life!

Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum

About: The Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum is among the best-rated vacuums for cleaning up dog hair. It performs extremely, but like most other Dyson vacuums, the DC41 is a premium product with a premium price tag.


  • The Dyson uses a ball-pivot design, which offers maneuverability, even in very tight spaces
  • If you buy your Dyson from an authorized dealer, you'll obtain a 5-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Very powerful cleaner head works well for removing stubborn patches of hair
  • Touch-free container emptying design

Hoover WindTunnel Dog Vacuum

About: The Hoover WindTunnel Dog Vacuum is a light-weight, high-powered vacuum cleaner that is present at a relatively low price point. Yet even with this consumer-friendly price tag, the WindTunnel Pet Rewind performs nearly as well as many higher-priced models do.


  • Multi-position height adjustment provides the flexibility you require to vacuum any surface you'll encounter
  • Bagless collection system for appropriate disposal
  • Comprises 2 different attachments specifically designed for dealing with pet hair
  • Features a button-activated cord retrieval system that eliminates the requirement to wrap up the cord after use
  • Accessible in 3 different colors

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

About: The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is a great option for those with only minor hair-removal needs.

What is the Best Vacuum for Dog Hair While it is obviously not suitable for entire vacuuming rooms, the Bissell dog vacuum is a wonderful equipment for vacuuming the hair off furniture, drapes, blankets, rugs, and other small areas.


  • The mouth of the vacuum is surrounded by a rubber nozzle intended to attract and retain pet hair
  • Multi-level filtration system aids trap hair, dirt, and dander
  • The bagless design makes emptying the unit fast and easy

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