Best Vacuum for Pet Hair on Hardwood Floor

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair on Hardwood Floor

Keeping a hardwood or tile floor, or any bare floor, looking clean is difficult as dirt, dust, and hair can stand out significantly. For homeowners with pets, the problem can be worse as their pooches and cats spill food over the kitchen tiles and shed hair all over the wooden floors. The solution is a top hardwood floor vacuum cleaner designed to work in a simple and effective way for a fast and easy clean but one that has design features with pet hair disposal in mind. The following ​bare floor vacuums ​– some of which can also be utilized on carpets and upholstery – have a range of great features on board to make life easier and to deal with pet hair in a clean, effective manner.

​​Top-Rated Hard​-Floor Vacuums for Pet Possessors

1. Bissell 20431 PowerglideLift Off

Vacuums for Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors Bissell provided excellent value for money, but when they set out to design their best pet hair vacuum, they went all out. This makes the Bissell Powerglide Lift Off just about the best vacuum for hard floors and light carpets and everything a pet owner needs from a vacuum – without paying too much for it.

The triple-action brush roll loosens, lifts, and get rid of pet hair and stubborn dirt like few can. You can switch off the brush roll, which will give a gentler cleaning action for hardwood floors. It removes pet hair from upholstery and stairs just as efficiently with the pet hair attachment. An additional feature that pet owners will love is the Febreez pet odor eliminator that aids the SmartSeal air filtration to remove allergens but odors.

For extra convenience, the “Lift Off” action converts it promptly into a compact handheld vacuum that you can carry anywhere with ease. An extra length 30 Ft cord and extension wand just add to the versatility and easy utilization of the Bissell Powerglide Lift Off. Like many best vacuums, it also has swivel steering. In many respects, the Bissell Powerglide compares with the best, high-priced hard floor pet hair vacuums, but prices a good deal less. You definitely won’t be compromising on quality, and their 5-year limited warranty is proof of this.

2. Dirt Devil Razor

Although the Dirt Devil Razor is one of the cheapest vacuums, it has some of the great features and accessories that you’d hope to find on any of the best hard floor vacuums for pet hair.

It’s pretty average on carpets, but when it comes to hardwood, tile, and other hard floors, the Dirt Devil holds its own among the best of them. The Spin4pro has a robust cleaning action that lifts pet hair from any surface. It also comes with a very convenient pet claw tool that will remove pet hair from your furniture.

The swivel steering and low-profile cleaning head make the Dirt Devil Razor a very easy vacuum to utilize, and it’s not too heavy at 10.8 LBS. The inclusion of 10 Ft tube and a removable wand makes things that much easier.

With good suction, an excellent roller head, and pet hair attachment, the Dirt Devil Razor is great for pet owners. If you don’t have too much to spend, this is probably your best choice for a hard floor vacuum that will also handle most carpet types.

3. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor

Vacuum for Wood Floors and Pet Hair
​ Quite often, vacuum cleaners require attachments like the upholstery and dusting brushes above to perform to a high standard, but the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor model is designed to work with ease on a hard surface without any fiddly extras or special brushes. The combination of the powerful suction and the design of the rubber wipers means that hair can be straightforwardly lifted from the floor and dealt with. This simple action on hard floors is then improved via the maneuverability of this lightweight upright.

​It has a 20ft cable for a great reach, and the swivel head makes it easy to negotiate corners and difficult spaces. The main selling point with this corded Bissell PowerEdge, however, has to be the unusual shape since not only does it ensure that this vacuum is ideal for pet hair, but it also helps with all kinds of messes that pets might create. The head of this vacuum is in a V shape, so it gathers in larger debris, like spilled food and other items, and can deal with the problem in a faster, more efficient way. This convenience and ease of use then endure with the easy-to-empty dirt canister.

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