What's the Best Vacuum for Pet Owners?

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Best Vacuums Cleaners for Pet Hair

Miele Vacuums for Pet Hair

Dogs and cats are beloved members of countless families across the nation. However, canines and felines are notorious for shedding hair throughout homes and even pet care businesses. Dog and cat hair can cause allergies, respiratory problems, and has even been linked to tuberculosis. With this in mind, you need the right pet-friendly vacuum to pick up hair from your floors, sofas, and drapery. At ThinkVacuums.com, we strongly recommend Miele household vacuums for pet hair.
As a globally-renowned vacuum cleaning brand, Miele units are designed to effectively remove pet hair from homes, apartments, and businesses. In fact, this is one of the best vacuum cleaners we have in stock and is perfect for restoring your floors and hardwood to clean and pet hair free surfaces. With a variety of units under its umbrella, Miele is great for combating:
  • Pet hair from shedding; also picks up human hair, dandruff, dust, dirt, and grime.
  • Miele vacuum cleaners are perfect for new floors, along with rugs, carpets, and even floor coverings.
  • Miele vacuums offer special features – with a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene for all commercial and residential applications.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaning Systems

We are also the largest dealer of SEBO vacuums on the Internet. In fact, ThinkVacuums.com received a prestigious award from SEBO America, LLC. As your premier supplier of SEBO Power Heads, bags, filters, and full-service boxes, these highly-recommended units are designed to meet all your pet hair cleaning needs. As your trusted and authorized SEBO vacuum store, we invite you to browse our extensive selection of models and units for daily residential and commercial cleaning.

Why SEBO for Pet Hair?

SEBO is the largest manufacturer of high-quality vacuum cleaning systems in the world. From hardwood flooring and carpeting to pet hair and drapery, these units ensure ease-of-use and complete reliability. Similarly, you get consistent cleaning effectiveness, along with high HEPA filtration and bag full indicators. The latter is especially important for removing and replacing bags, especially when pet hair can also cause clogs other obstacles that hinder overall unit performance. With SEBO vacuums, you also get motor safety shut-off and automatic cord rewind.
SEBO traditional uprights are great for daily, weekly, and monthly home and office vacuuming. This includes the Automatic X4, along with X5 and Felix models. These are great for removing pet hair, dust, dirt and hidden elements under and around furniture. SEBO also features a fine line of Canister vacuums, which are great for picking up pet hair from all types of floor surfaces. With modern, state-of-the-art designs, you can rely on SEBO to do the cleaning job right – each and every time. This includes Airbelt D4, Airbelt E3, and Airbelt K series, along with the signature Automatic Series.

The Think Vacuums Difference

Think Vacuums is committed to helping you find the right vacuum cleaners for the home or office. This includes conventional uprights, along with central systems, backpacks, and all types of accessories for optimal cleaning and performance. If you own a dog or cat, it is imperative to keep your properties pet hair-free at all times. This will prevent breathing problems for loved ones with asthma, as well as securing a clean and allergen-free home or office.
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