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Like many people, you’ve owned a variety of vacuum cleaners throughout your life, including stick, canister, and upright vacs. Since these are all portable vacuums, you have to go through the hassle of taking them out, disentangling the power cord, and lifting them when necessary.

However, a different type of vacuum cleaner is changing the way individuals’ vacuum, and it’s called a central vacuum system.

What Is a Central Vacuum System?

Unlike portable vacuums that you drag from room to room, central vacuum systems are fixed at one location in your house, probably the basement or garage, and consist of the main vacuum unit, a hose, and multiple outlets.

To vacuum your house, you just have to connect the hose to an outlet and stretch the hose to the area that needs cleaning.

Features Of The Best Central Vacuum System

Quiet Operation

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But the loud operation and high-pitched whine can be headache-inducing. With a central vacuum, the main source of noise is located away from the main house in the garage or basement far away from where you need to work.

The only sound associated with a central system is the air flowing through the hose and operation of the Central vacuum powerhead itself. Some powerheads come to their own motors and might be a bit louder, but still nowhere near the sound level of a portable vacuum.

Simple to Use

No other type of vacuum cleaner machine has the effective range of a central vacuums. The powerhead has a wide range of accessories that enable effective and easy cleaning from top to bottom, or else the central vacuum accessories may be bought separately. Even better, there is no massive canister unit to drag around while cleaning, nor is there a dangling cord to trip over. The hose plugs perfectly into the wall on one end and the powerhead on the other.

Cleaner Air & Fewer Allergies

If allergies are a problem for anyone in your house, a central vacuum can make an enormous difference. The system extracts the debris, dirt, and dust from your home and funnels it into the containment unit located outside of the living areas. The central containment unit then vents outside. Regular vacuums release some allergens back into the air through their onboard exhaust systems as they clean.

Deep Cleaning

The motor in a central vacuum system can be up to three times stronger than one in a conventional portable vacuum because it is housed in a bigger casing that is stationary and centrally placed in the basement. Because they are bigger and not dragged around from place to place, these machines vent more reliably and efficiently. The greater size means greater suction power and cleaner surfaces; the superior venting keeps the motor cooler and leads to a longer life.

Bottom Line

Central Vacuum Cleaner

Central vacuum systems make cleaning your house easier than ever before. Rather than conventional vacuum cleaners that require dragging heavy appliances around the house, these convenient units basically ensure every room has a vacuum cleaner socket installed within its walls.

Not only is it more convenient than the traditional vacuums, but these quiet and easy-to-use vacuum systems also remove debris and dirt from your floors and surfaces without any particles being sent back into the air in your home. Although they need initial installation, the benefits of these convenient systems are innumerable.

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