Central Vacuum Accessories, Attachments, and Tools

A central vacuum cleaner can be the most efficient vacuum when you equip it with the best and most current accessories, attachments, and tools. With them, you will be able to effectively clean:

  • All types of floors
  • Stairways
  • Blinds
  • Upholstery
  • Walls
  • Tight places

Having all the tools needed on hand makes this home chore easier and faster and ensures that you’ll never have to settle for a half-way job on those hard-to-clean areas. Store your tools together in a convenient place, and you will always know where they are. At ThinkVacuums.com we have the best variety of attachments kits for central vacuum systems, and we make it easy for you to choose the perfect set of accessories, attachments, and tools. The right hose, wand, powerhead, and accessories provide the highest level of cleaning possible. Additionally, you may need an electric or turbo attachment kit to clean everything in your home effectively. While electric attachment kits work great for all types of surfaces, turbo kits are best for light carpets and tile. We also carry bare floor kits made specifically for cleaning flat floor surfaces. Our vacuum experts will assist you with finding the perfect set for your central vacuum.

How to Vacuum Your Entire House Effectively

Are you sure that you are cleaning your house effectively? Many of us think we are, but there is always room for improvement. Try incorporating these ideas the next time you vacuum:

  • Vacuum your floors at least once each week, twice a week for high foot traffic areas.
  • Dust your curtains and furniture first. Allow 10 minutes for the dust to settle before vacuuming.
  • Use HEPA filters to control dust and allergens better.
  • Pick up everything from the floors. Move and vacuum under smaller furniture monthly and under heavy furniture twice a year.
  • Empty the bag or canister when it is half full. Better yet, empty it after each cleaning session. Clean the roller brush and the overall vacuum each time.
  • Allow enough time to do a thorough job. Use the crevice tool first to clean along the walls and furniture you don’t plan to move. Doing this weekly is ideal, but twice a month is generally OK.

Does this sound like too much work? It might seem that way the first time or two you practice these recommendations. However, once you’re familiar with the process, everything will go faster, and you can take satisfaction in a job well done. Alright, you’re almost finished, here are a few more suggestions to take your cleaning routine to the next level:

  • Use the floor attachments to clean under raised furniture you don’t plan to move. A lot of dust settles there and while vacuuming these areas monthly is OK, twice a month is preferable to prevent substantial build up.
  • When using a vacuum head, you must set it to the correct height, or you won’t get a deep clean on carpets. Change it when going from hard surfaces to carpets, and vice versa.
  • Upright vacuums are most effective when you clean in both directions. However, this isn’t necessary with a powerful central vacuum cleaner. Go over the surface once – slowly – and you will do a fantastic job.

Following these steps will help keep your flooring in pristine condition and save you the cost of replacing it when it wears out prematurely from poor maintenance.

Signs You Are Doing Something Wrong

Telltale signs of insufficient cleaning include excessive dust floating around, dark line on the carpets, dirty socks from walking on floors, and a smelly house. Learn to clean well by following the steps listed above, and you will eliminate these issues throughout your house.

Purchase All the Necessary Tools and Save Money and Time

Save time and money by purchasing all the tools you will ever need in an accessory package. If you order only the essential accessories with the power unit, you will find yourself having to order more later, and each time you buy something separately, you pay more for the individual tool compared to buying a complete package. Here’s what you can get in a full kit plus more:

  • Power Unit with exceptionally strong suction
  • Installation kit with pipes, elbows, mounting brackets, inlets, glue
  • Long hose, wands, crevice tool, floor head
  • Variety of bare floor attachments
  • Upholstery, furniture, blinds tool
  • Pet brushes and tools are available
  • A hose sock may be added to the list

Ordering everything you might need in the future leaves you without any regrets and ensures you’ll never be caught without the right tool for the job

All You Need is Found Online

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