Central Vacuum Accessories for Different Surfaces

Central Vacuum Hose and Accessories

Central vacuum hose

Our robust and versatile central vacuum accessories fit 99% of all central vacuum systems. Take a moment to consider every surface of your household and how a specialized vacuum accessory can clean a breeze without stirring up dust.

After that, you’ll find a reason to contact us to purchase the best vacuum tools and accessories.

Response Quiet Drive Electric Brush

The Quiet Drive Electric Brush moves simply over both hard floors and carpets!

This tool uses 3 different kinds of cleaning materials to clean the various surfaces of your household effectively. The first material is designed to deep scrub carpets, the second is a soft material that conforms to the uneven surfaces found in stone and tile floors, and the third is designed to polish the surface as you vacuum. The brush features a shutter system with a soft bumper that rises when vacuuming against tight corners, baseboards, or stairs


Combine a broom, dry mop, and vacuum, and you acquire the Manta Mop!

  • Designed for each central vacuum system.
  • Smooth floors will never be cleaner or safer
  • Hundreds of soft tufts on a 16" wide head
  • Dust, mop, and vacuum instantly
  • Easy to navigate around furniture with "Manta-ray" shape, maintaining furniture safe from damage.

CentraMop - Two Jobs in 1!

The CentraMop concurrently vacuums and mops (using a damp pad) for effortless, time-saving cleaning of all hard-surface floors. Its exceptional front and rear vacuum channels pick up debris, whether pushing or pulling. A similar effort yields a cleaner floor and cleaner home, without vacuuming any water! Includes (2) microfiber pads.

12-Inch Floor Tool

No household is complete without this TOP SELLER.

The 12-Inch Floor brush Offers:

  • 360-degree bristles concentrate on eliminating dirt from the floor.
  • Short bristles offer stronger agitation.
  • Perfect and safe for use on all kinds of tile, wood, marble, cork, and bamboo floors.

The Mini Electric Brush

Enjoy a sparkling clean household with the Mini Electric Vacuum Attachment. All the power of your big carpet brush is now in a compact, easy-to-use, 6-inch wide vacuum. It is really the finishing touch and compliment to your electric vacuum and electric hose. Why stop at your carpet when Mini Electric makes cleaning most fabric surfaces simply as easy? The Mini Electric brush is an excellent add-on to any central vacuum system with any electric hose (110 volts to power a vacuum head). No other brush like it exists.

Pet Vac - Pet Grooming Tool

Combine central vacuum suction and devices to groom your pet with NO MESS.

Due to the remote central vacuum power unit location, your pet should not be alarmed by any loud vacuum motor. It is particularly made to fit 99% of central vacuum systems via an exclusively designed hose and airflow bleeder valve. Link the Pet Vac hose to your longer central vacuum hose and cleanly and gently groom your pets!

Axis Floor Tool

Central Vacuum Accessories Kit

Clean-Agility Vacuum Floor Brush

The double-swivel neck makes cleaning simpler than ever before.

There is nothing similar to the Axis Clean-Agility floor brush. Using the Axis feels natural as it complements your cleaning activities.

It needs less physical exertion to clean more surface area. The double-swivel Axis stays flat irrespective of how you move, twist, or rotate.

Flexible Crevice Tool

The Flexible Crevice Tool bends in any direction to assist you to insert it into tight places.

Perfect for routine cleaning and maintaining appliances - which will save you money in enhanced efficiency. The Flexible Crevice Tool is above 22" long and compatible with 99% of hose ends. It fits into small spaces up to 1/2 inch by 1-1/4 inch, making it perfect for vacuuming things like dryer vents, refrigerator coils, air conditioners, stoves, ovens, air ducts & vents, washers, radiators, condenser coils, behind furniture, and auto detailing. The equipment does not retain flex shape.

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