Central Vacuum Air Vac System

vacuum cleaner cleaning a carpeted floorA central vacuum cleaner is usually permanently installed into a house or building. This vacuum works by sending dirt and debris scooped from the floor through PVC tubing in the walls to a collecting chamber. The power generator is a permanent component, usually put in the garage or a storeroom, along with the collecting component.

The PVC tubes run to inlet valves found in strategic points around the house. Lightweight and portable power hoses are then connected to the inlet valves to eradicate dust particles and small debris from inner rooms.

This vacuum has become popular because it is made with a large, more rugged motor and has double the suction power of a portable vacuum cleaner. It has an airflow capacity of up to 185 cfm.

Dust is a huge problem. A clean house with fresh air is not only nice but also good for your health. Research by the EPA Science Advisory Board has revealed that indoor air pollutants are among the top five public health hazards. The AirVac has been revealed as an excellent method of reducing allergy-causing agents.

Why choose AirVac?

The AirVac has been used by millions of customers to keep floors and carpets clean. This is because it is silent, convenient, and dust-free. Here are some of the reasons why this machine is so widely recommended.

  1. It leaves behind much less dust –An AirVac system has more power to scoop up dirt, dust mites, and pet hair from rugs and furniture fabric. It then vents it all outside safely and quietly.

  2. It is convenient – With this AirVac, all you have to do is carry the light vacuum hose from one room to another, plug it in, and start vacuuming. When you plug it in, the vacuum automatically springs to life, and the opposite is also true when you plug it out.

  3. It is efficient- The AirVac works fast and efficiently thanks to its enhanced power and innovation in its creation. It ensures that you don’t have to repeat your cleaning.

  4. It is versatile- This machine was manufactured for flexibility. It can clean any surface ranging from ceramic tiles all the way to the floor of your car. Like all central vacuums, AirVacs can reach various places and kinds of surfaces than the regular portable vacuums. This is all thanks to the wide array of accessories available for central vacs. Long hoses and several tools make it incredibly easy to clean vehicles, RVs, and boats. They even make cleaning your garage more seamless than ever. It doesn't create clouds of dust like a broom and is a lot less troublesome than trying to use a portable vacuum in the same situation. Most men also prefer the AirVac to portable vacuums. They are much likelier to vacuum with a central vacuum since "It is more of a power tool than it is a household appliance."

  5. a lady using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from under her chairs.Produces less noise compared to the portable versions.

  6. Durable - Typical portable vacuum cleaners need replacing every few years. On the other hand, you’ll only have to think about simple maintenance practices after a central vacuum system is in place. A central vacuum system will always outdo a portable or canister vacuum in terms of length of life in a side-by-side comparison.

  7. Ensures longer carpet fabric and furniture life- in removing the abrasive dust and debris from your carpet, the AirVac is designed to minimize the abrasion and thus protects your fabric from premature aging.

  8. Robust Deep Cleaning - AirVac motors can be up to thrice as strong as the motors in regular vacuums. Because they are situated in a fixed location in the basement or garage, they stay much cooler. With the motor remaining much cooler, it can last much longer than portable vacuums, letting it do its job.

  9. It is easy to connect – With limited planning, it’s easy to connect an AirVac system in your house.

  10. Comes with a warranty- Every AirVac vacuum is backed by Linear’s five and 10-year warranty plans.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will be silent and efficient, the AirVac Central Vacuum is the machine for you. It also has more power compared to the usual portable vacuum cleaners. This machine is made of light but durable material. This means that it is very easy to maneuver with, and it can stand the test of time. Give us a call today to purchase yours. Experience a cleaning experience like no other.

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