Central Vacuum System

Airvac avr7500This is the kind of vacuum that is permanently mounted in a building or your home (also called an integrated or ducted vacuum). It cleans by sending debris and dirt particles via PVC tubes placed within the walls to a storage container, central vacuum systems are built to extract dirt and debris. The control unit, along with the collection tank, is a permanent piece of equipment, mostly located in storage or in a garage space. The tubes run into inlet valves which are located across the house in strategic positions. In order to clear dirt, minor debris, and particles from the interior spaces, lightweight power hoses should then be attached to the inlet valves.

Dirt is a very big deal. A spotless house is not only good but as well vital for your wellbeing. Indoor air emissions are ranked in the top 5 public health threats, says the EPA Research Advisory Board. A central vacuum system, like AirVac, is recommended by both the EPA and the National Lung Association to be an ideal way to eliminate allergy-causing agents. Central vacuum units have become common because, relative to handheld vacuum cleaners, they are designed with bigger, more rugged motors and have two to three times the suction capacity.

Why AirVac System?

American households have been dependent on AirVac to do their dirty work for more than 50 years.  AirVac central vacuum systems are easy to use and don't cause irritation, noise, or dust.  

Value addition to your home value

Airvac wandIt is becoming an economically reasonable decision to pick a central unit with the addition of higher-end portable vacuums on the market. The low installation cost of AirVac and high retained value contribute to the resale value of your house. The value of your home with a central vacuum system built will improve by nearly $2000!

Quieter than the moveable versions

The sound from the engine is unnoticed since the engine and suction unit are normally situated out of the house. They are also deeply insulated to reduce the noise even more.

Central Vacuums are Simple to install

 It is easy to install an AirVac system in your new or current home with a little planning.


 Your time is valuable, and you don't have to clean too much because the strength of AirVac sucks up more dust and debris.

More Furniture and Carpet Life

Dust and dirt are abrasive and leads to carpet and upholstery wear and tear faster. In order to minimize abrasive wear significantly, AirVac draws more dust from materials.


Each AirVac device is backed by five (Red Series) and 10-year warranty guarantees from Linear (Platinum Series).

Air vac system’s Versatility

All home surfaces are swept by a single AirVac unit with easy-to-exchange accessories like carpet, rugs, upholstery, walls, floors, mini-blinds-even the interior of your vehicles.


M&s systems airvacYou no longer need to roll a heavy vacuum from room to room since with a central vacuum, it will monitor the long-chain, adjust filthy and dusty bags.  All you need to do with a central system is move the lightweight vacuum hose from room to room, plug it into the port of the inlet and start cleaning. The vacuum automatically flips on when you plug the hose into the port, and it shuts off when you take the hose out.

There is far less debris left behind—in your rugs, on your clothes, in the air, and generally in your home.  Traditional vacuum cleaners cause too much dust to recirculate on your rugs, on your chairs, and in your house. The outcome is the levels of indoor air pollution are two to five times higher than outdoor levels, and often 100 times higher. Up to three times more power is provided by the AirVac central vacuum system to remove debris, dust mites, and animal hair from carpets, drapes, and furniture flooring. In order to eliminate this health danger from your family, AirVac then filters it all conveniently, quietly, and safely.

Ask installers, constructors, and homeowners about the superior equipment, capacity, value, and efficiency of AirVac. They will tell you that Think Vacuums have been the pioneer in the design and manufacture of central vacuum systems in the industry.

To understand more about mounting an AirVac Central Vacuum in your house, make a call at 1-800-322-2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be happy to assist you. 

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