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You are probably thinking, What could be so exciting about central vacuum tools? It’s true there isn’t anything necessarily glamorous about an additional central vac accessory until you need one. You drop shredded cheese under your refrigerator or discover a moldy French fry in the inner workings of your child’s car seat, and suddenly the lowly accessories such as the crevice are man’s greatest invention!

Crevice Tool Attachment Styles

Crevice tools come in a variety of designs meant to reach a variety of places.

Under Refrigerator Tool /Under Appliance Wand

Perhaps the most recognized specialty central vacuum crevice tools are those made to reach under household appliances and furniture. Notably, homeowners are often looking for a way to clean beneath their refrigerators. And with good reason.

Refrigerators require regular cleaning more than any other kitchen appliance. Underneath a refrigerator can be a collection of food, dirt, and dust. What makes this really problematic is the fact that the debris acts as a foothold for mildew and mold to form. Additionally, if your refrigerator vent is positioned at the bottom of the unit, the mixture can also end up clogging up your refrigerator’s workings.

Our favorite central vacuum under the appliance wand is this 36-inch, flexible under-refrigerator crevice tool from Imperium. A few key features that make this extended crevice tool so awesome include; First, it’s extra-long! Reaching about 36-inches, it’s sure to reach all the way underneath your fridge.

Second, the flexible plastic is amazing. It allows you to reach around corners and fridge feet to ensure you’re cleaning everywhere.

Lastly, the flat suction opening. Unlike a standard crevice tool, this under fridge crevice wand has a flat, square opening on the face of it. This allows you to cover the entire surface beneath your refrigerator. We recommend you take one swipe with the opening against the floor and a second with the opening vacuuming the bottom surface of the refrigerator.

Crevice attachments are a standard vacuum accessory and are often included with a set or kit. But there are a variety of lengths and features that could set one style apart from the other.

For example, some crevice wands will feature suction relief holes at the entry point. This prevents the wand from locking onto things due to powerful vacuum suction. This is a key design element to consider if what you intend to vacuum is delicate. Even some upholstery and fabrics should be best handled by a central vacuum crevice tool with suction control like this to keep from being damaged.

Another important characteristic to consider is the length of your crevice tool. If you’re looking to vacuum clean a hard-to-reach area like under a furniture piece or an appliance, you will want to choose an extended crevice tool with extra length. This extra-long crevice tool measures 36-inches! It’s great for deep sofas or tall ceilings.

Finally, considering if a flexible crevice wand is something you need is important. The benefit of a flexible crevice tool is clear. It allows you to reach around corners or obstacles and in small places. This flexible crevice wand from Vacumaid is 23-inches long and super bendy!

Specialty Crevice Tool Sets For Auto Detailing & Electronics

Central Vacuum Attachments

Best Central Vacuum Accessories

Perhaps one of the most frequent uses for central vacuum accessories and wands is in car detailing. It’s harder to imagine another space with numerous nooks and crannies than the interior of your car. And as it’s also so well-used, it’s bound to collect all sorts of stuff!

Most “All Things Crevice” tools have the following features:

  • Flexible Crevice Tool 1.5″ x 24″
  • Standard Black Crevice Tool 1.5″ x 13″
  • Flexible Crevice Tool 1.5″ x 36″
  • Crevice Nozzle with Attachable Wire Radiator Brush
  • Micro detailing tools
  • Adaptor for use with standard 1.25″ vacuum cleaner hose

Another popular feature in the world of crevice tools is the ability to serve our everyday electronics. Computer keyboards and towers are notoriously difficult to keep clean and necessitate smaller crevice wands and vacuum attachments. This Mini-Vac Attachment Set from Imperium includes:

  • Straight extension wand
  • Oval brush
  • Curved extension wand
  • Crevice tool
  • Round brush

Crevice Tool Vacuum Attachments For Sale

If you’re ready to start shopping for the right central vacuum attachment for your needs, take a look at all the incredible attachments for your vacuum we offer here at Think Vacuums. It’s unbelievable what you can do with a vacuum cleaner!

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