Beam Central Vacuum for the Home Use

Beam vacuum dealers near mebeam central vacuum system is a distinctive piece of a machine equipped with tones of features and can easily be installed in your home. This vacuum unit is quite different from conventional vacuum systems like portable vacuums, which can be carried anywhere. With a beam central vacuum, all you need to do is attach hoses to tubings. After the connection is successful, you can vacuum every piece of dirt from your home.

Unlike portable vacuum systems where you are required to find power outlets, central vacuums like the beam central vacuum have a fixed power unit, making it more convenient. All you will do is carry a lightweight hose and a power brush around your cleaning space. Some hoses come equipped with a power button below them to turn the vacuum on or off quickly. The beam central vacuum system is convenient and clean your space without worrying about any damage.

Benefits of Beam Vacuum Cleaner

Noise Free

Beam central vacuum repairHaving the power unit installed in a different room, noise is reduced to a minimum, and you are guaranteed not to disturb anyone while vacuuming.

Time Saver

Disposing of debris bags can consume a lot of time. However, with a beam central vacuum unit, you will save a lot of time as you will not need to worry about filled filter bags.


Beam central vacuum units are durable, and frequently you can get a warranty lasting for a lifetime, which will significantly help you save some money. Installation is easy if you want to do-it-yourself as there are instructions that come with the vacuum.

Healthier Home

Beam Central Vacuum offers you cleaning capabilities that will see your home become cleaner and safer.


Being lightweight and easy to maneuver with, the vacuum is very convenient.

Having fresh air in your home is the number one priority. New trends have seen houses being built to attain airtightness. These trends enhance the energy efficiency in homes and provide less air circulation and deterioration in the quality of air. Make sure that windows are open before you start the cleaning exercise.

The motors used in the beam central vacuum are powerful. They move a lot of air. The total removal of dirt and unhealthy air being vacuumed creates room for fresh air to be re-circulated, thus enhancing air quality.

Beam Central Vacuum Units are certified and recommended to use with asthmatic people, have hay fever, or suffer from allergies.

Beam central vacuum systemBeam central vacuum systems have a lightweight hose that follows you when you clean; there is no reason for pulling a heavy cleaner wherever you go creating marks on your walls. You can also purchase hose covers for more protection.

When using beam central vacuum units, hoses trail behind you when cleaning stairs. Central vacuums enable you to clean every inch of your stairs as you don’t have to carry a vacuum unit by hand. Not having to take a vacuum unit means that you’ll be balanced and will not trip and fall down the stairs.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems provide you with five times more suction power, a vast capacity for collecting dirt, meaning no bags, and a ten-year warranty. The big capacity means that you’ll only have to empty it three or four times a year.

Air watt is a measurement unit that rates the suction power of vacuum cleaners. Beam Central Vacuum Systems are rated relatively high and are sufficient for your cleaning needs.

Since the Central Vacuum System’s power unit is static, meaning it does not move at any given time, the motor and fan can be quite significant, making more sense to have a stationary power unit.

Weight should not be an issue with portable cleaners. The system has excellent air watts to it, meaning you’ll be getting excellent suction power. At Think Vacuums, we have a variety of central vacuums to choose from and better yet, Beam Central Vacuums, call us to speak with an expert who will guide you on the best vacuum for your home.

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