Central Vacuum Hose

Customers call us all day long with inquiries hoping to find a new central vacuum hose for their current system. 

This has become so common that we’ve designed our website section called in a manner that encompasses all our central vacuum hose information in a single section.

If you wish to buy accessories for, replace, or repair your existing current central vacuum hose, we have just what you need. 

Also, if you want a central vacuum hose for a new system you’re installing, we can get you the ideal item for your needs, as well.

Choosing a Central Vacuum Hose Extension  by Brand

Best Central Vacuum HoseMany customers frequently ask us whether one has to buy a hose from the same brand as their central vacuum system. 

Most of the time, the response is no. However, there are few situations where a buyer has a model that is not compatible with universal central vacuum hoses. (For instance, older NuTone systems can be complicated). 

If you doubt whether your system will be compatible, we recommend you just call us and enquire. There is almost nothing new to us at this point, so call 800–322–2965 to get a swift answer and some guidance to the precise central vacuum hose.

Basic Central Vacuum Hose for Universal Use

The advantage of buying a universal central vacuum hose is basically that it can save you money. Main, most notable brands tend to be more expensive as compared to off-brands. 

A good example, Cen-Tec is an off-brand that manufactures central vacuum products and is among the leading central vacuum suppliers throughout Canada and the US. Their central vacuum hoses give you bang for the buck and will be compatible with almost any central vacuum system.

Determining the Best Central Vacuum hose Types

Before you begin shopping, it’s important to determine what kind of central vacuum hose system or hose you have at present. A good place to begin is at the inlet. When the hose and the inlet meet, you’ll find important features that aid categorize your central vacuum hose.

 Air Vac Central Vacuum Hose with Standard Connection

A standard inlet features low voltage wiring. The central vacuum hose has a metal cuff at the joining that will transmit the hose's electrical current. A standard inlet accommodates a “pigtail” hose style, too. 

This hose will have a similar metal cuff at the joining, but then again will also feature a distinct electrical cord that plugs into a wall outlet.

Retractable Central Vacuum Hose with Direct Connection

A central vacuum hose that features “direct connect” electrical components will contain metal prongs on the hose’s end that connects to the wall inlet. 

 Retractable Central Vacuum Hose System PartsThese prongs transfer the electrical current through wiring found within the hose structure when you plug in your hose. This, in return, allows you to use wand systems and electric carpeting powerheads.

Central Vacuum Hose Buying Guide

There are numerous ways to buy parts of your current central vacuum hose or a new central vacuum hose. Your easiest option is to buy it online as few retailers provide a selection inside stores. Think Vacuum was founded in 1989 and sells every famous item and brand for central vacuum systems. Our huge warehouse enables us to keep stock of items; thus, shipping is quick for most products.

With the numerous information available, marketing tactics, performance specifications, and misinformation, it is not a surprise that vacuum cleaners in general and central vacuums are still misunderstood.

Our industry has spawned many schools of thought combined with legends, myths, and facts of what vacuum systems can achieve. This buyer’s guide is intended to assist you in navigating this information maze.

There are numerous central vacuum manufacturers, many of which make overstated performance claims. Furthermore, many ‘marketing’ definitions and devices used do not accurately indicate the value, quality, and true performance.

At Think Vacuum, we’ve designed this Buyer’s Guide to assist you in navigating through this central vacuum information maze.

We’ll walk you through the exercise of buying a central vacuum system by providing insight and information that’s easily understood, informative, and accurate.

Reach out to us for Central Vacuum Hose System Parts

Don’t bother wasting your time shopping for central vacuum hoses elsewhere. Come to us, for we are the experts, and always have been and thus have a better understanding of this industry.

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