Central Vacuum Rotating Carpet Brushes


The major difference between electric and air-driven brushes is the size of the opening that air blows through. Brushes powered by air, like the Turbocat, have small openings of 5.8 inches compared to electric powered brushes with openings of about 1-1/4 inches. Brushes powered by air require narrow openings so that air can be forced to make the turbine and roller brush spin. 


However, this means that minimal debris gets to go through. Every debris that is sucked in by air-driven brushes passes through the turbine fan, which means that large debris like stones might damage or jam the turbine. Although this does not mean that these brushes are weak, a substantial amount of power is required to damage them. 

Electric driven brushes are equipped with a non-restrictive airflow, meaning objects like coins can go through the brush while delivering extra airflow to the carpet.

Process of removing Dirt From Carpets

So as to thoroughly clean carpets, three main factors need to be considered. The first one is that debris is uncovered only by opening the nap. The second factor is that you require airflow so as to direct air from the back of an object to make it go through the air stream when vacuuming over carpet fibers. 

The third factor is that some debris might get stuck on carpet fibers and require some brushing to get them off the carpet. Without considering these three factors, through clean to the carpet, may not be achievable.

Price is the biggest difference between electric and air-driven brushes. Air-driven brushes are very cheap compared to electric brushes. For homeowners, carpets are usually a big investment, and for this, getting a more expensive electric brush is usually not a huge buy. Electrically driven brushes are quieter and offer more consistency and deep cleaning since an independent electric motor runs them.

15in Stealth Vacuum Head, Integrated Wand

The new stealth brush comes with enhancements comprising a new cord that plugs the new stealth wand. The stealth that was being used before had a 40inch cord. The new stealth wand perfectly integrates the new cord to a telescopic wand.

The stealth feature is only available with the new wand. If you want to upgrade to a new system, an appropriate hose like the stealth hose is needed.  The new stealth will fit perfectly if there are two inches between the button lock nipple at the end of the hose and the two openings where the pins are attached to.


EBK 360 Electric Power Brush

This powerhead, also known as the Miele Electro Plus, is a powerful electric driven brush designed central vacuum system. This very reliable and long-lasting brush will surely prove its adaptability in the first time of use. It's an alternative brush in the entire 360 sets.

Response II CT25 Brush & Integrated Wand

This is the best option for traditional carpets and the very soft ones; this all-new brush, previously known as the CT23, is a quiet electric driven brush and is the best brush to use on new high density soft and fluffy carpets. These carpets have been becoming popular as more consumers buy them. 

The modern-day extremely soft carpets like the Bliss Beaulieu Softsense, Shaw Caress, TruSoft Stainmaster, Mohawk SmartStrand Silk, DreamWeaver PureSoft, and Platinum Plus Soft spring all come with a DPF of about 3.5 to 4.5 and need a specific cleaning tip. Most homeowners don't like pushing vacuum units around.

This brush was specifically developed to tackle that particular problem. It provides room for air to go through the vacuum head as required to prevent it from clinching to the carpet. This brush works well with all types of carpets, and the automatic regulating air bypass system starts when on soft carpets. 

The brush's vents enable air to move freely down and across the nozzle, then take it below the agitator. This brush ensures that soft carpets don't restrict airflow while also ensuring intense cleaning on all carpets.

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