Central Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Maintenance Services

A central vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that is installed for shared usage. It has the same components as an ordinary vacuum cleaner but rather than having the collection container and the power unit directly connected to the suction hose the main unit of the central vacuum cleaner is located in a different space. The main suction hose of the central vacuum cleaner is fed into ducts which lead to inlets installed throughout the building.
Each inlet has a power switch point and a hose access point. Vacuum attachments can be used at these access points just as you would with an ordinary portable vacuum cleaner.
Ultimately, the main difference between a central vacuum cleaner and a portable vacuum cleaner is that in a portable vacuum cleaner each unit is self-contained and carries the dust collection and power points with the unit as it is moved from room to room and with a central vacuum only the hose and accessories are moved

Operation of a Central Vacuum Cleaner

Central Vacuum CleanerTo use a central vacuum cleaner, you connect the suction hose to a wall-mounted inlet and connect the other end of the hose required attachment be it a dusting brush, upholstery brush or whatever the user wants.
Because the power unit of the central vacuum cleaner is located in a remote area, the user must send a signal from their location to the motor. The common means of signaling the vacuum motor to start are either by connecting the vacuum hose to the inlet or through a wireless signal from a special purpose vacuum hose.

Buying a Central Vacuum Cleaner

Before purchasing a central vacuum cleaner, your premises must have inlets for connecting the central vacuum hose. When designing plans for central vacuum installation, keep in mind that a typical vacuum hose is 30 feet long. You should place inlets at appropriate points in your home to allow you to reach all areas. 
It is easiest to install this system in new construction or if you're planning to remodel your home because the air ducts must be installed inside your wall cavities.
Finally, ensure you match the power rating of the central vacuum to your requirements. The power unit should be strong enough to provide suction to all the available inlets. The power of the vacuum cleaner is indicated by the vacuum cleaner rating.

Maintaining a Central Vacuum Cleaner

The first step to maintenance is troubleshooting. There are certain steps that you can take as an owner before engaging the services of a technician. Below are a few pointers for carrying out your own troubleshooting.
  • Clogged Vacuum Hose
Remove all attachments connected to the vacuum hose and detach it from the inlet. You can then use a long stiff object such as a garden hose to drive the clog out one end. Do not use water pressure or force the wrong end into the inlet to remove the clog by reverse pressure.
  • No suction through the hose
After establishing that there's no clog, lack of suction may be caused by the start signal not reaching the vacuum motor. This could be a sign that the inlet valve is damaged and needs replacement.
  • Poor suction
This could be an indication of a leak in the ducts leading to the central vacuum cleaner.
  • The power unit is not powering on
Connect the power unit to a different wall outlet which you have verified works. If it still doesn't power on, engage the services of a technician.

Selecting a Central Vacuum Repair Company

If after troubleshooting you are still experiencing problems, it is time to engage the services of a vacuum cleaner repair company.
  • Ensure that the company has an actual physical address by doing a Google location search.
  • It's always best to get a recommendation from a good friend or associate who is unlikely to lead you to a company where you will have a bad experience.
  • If the company offers 24-hour service, this is an excellent additional benefit.
  • The company should be willing to service your vacuum cleaner regardless of the brand or where you bought it from.
  • The company should also have the needed vacuum cleaner parts required to get your cleaner up and running.