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Central Vacuum Filter Bag Cleaning

Cleaning the central vacuum filter bag

Many videos in Think Vacuum’s YouTube Channel continue to getmore views year after year.

Some of these videos demonstrate central vacuum filter cleaning to people looking for answers concerning cleaning their vacuum filters.

A permanent, Beam style, inverted central vacuum filter that features a weighted bottom is installed in many Think vacuums brands, as well as Beam, Electrolux, Honeywell, Husky, CanaVac, Rhinovac, and more. These inverted filters are described as “self-cleaning” since a weighted sand-bag at the base of the filter shakes off residual debris at the end of every vacuum.

How a Self-Scrubbing, Inverted Central Vacuum Filter Functions:

As you power on the central vacuum, the inverted, cone-shaped filter is pulled up by the vacuum suction to the top of the unit. Waste gets in the power unit. The heavier items fall directly into the waste bag or canister while the filter catches the smallest particles and permits the air to exhaust.

When the vacuum is switched off, and the suction no longer holds the filter up, it drops back into the waste canister. The weighted bottom permits it to fall with an added oomph, which shakes off dirt and dust lingering on the material.

In other central vacuum models, a filter may need changing every six months or so to not disrupt suction. With a self-cleaning, Beam style filter, you may never have to call for repairs or replacements. Over time, if the filter begins retaining excess debris on the material, you can wipe the fabric with a damp cloth or use a stand-alone vacuum or shop-vac to give it a deep clean.

How to Sustain a Central Vacuum Filter:

Is Dirt Trapped in my Central Vacuum Filter?

Central Vacuum System Filters

Checking Dirt Trapped in Central Vacuum Filters

One of the frequent questions we receive concerning a Beam style, inverted, self-cleaning central vacuum filter is from customers concerned there is something stuck inside the filter. Individuals often confuse the weighted pouch at the bottom of the filter for collected debris. Consequently, we receive calls and comments, asking the best way to remove the load or replace the filter.

Rest at ease! The weighted pouch is there intentionally and serves a significant role. There is no requirement to remove or replace it. Actually, you’d be pretty disappointed to find that the new central vacuum filter you order will have the same heavy load in it!

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