Central Vacuum Motors

Vacuum cleaner motor usesFor every central vacuum relation, the engine is all about it! In fact, it is the nature of your scheme and what you are disbursing for. Not every vacuum engine, however, is made equal and the specifications of motor performance are scarcely a gauge of whether an engine is worth it or not.

In their systems, most manufacturing companies use either a blend of Tangential Bypass motor or Thru-Flow engines as well as Thru-Flow engines. While a Thru-Flow engine's Airwatt effectiveness is often greater than a Tangential Bypass engine, for reasons we will discuss shortly, the truth is that a Tangential Bypass motor is a greater engine. In spite of this fact, in their high retail priced central vacuum motors, you would be shocked at the number of top brands of central vacuums that use these small Thru-Flow engines. The customers are trained to shop on Air Watts, after all, and scarcely ask about the type of engine.

In particular, relatively few manufacturers in their luxury models use the biggest Ametek/Lamb 8.4 'Tangential Bypass engine in the industry, even though it is the largest available engine and has greater technology that increases life expectancy.

Vacuum cleaner motor replacementBenjamin Franklin wrote, "Long after the pleasantness of the little value is forgotten, the bitterness of poor quality remains." Rarely have true words been uttered. It is true that the selling costs of most of the topmost product name types do not show the use of less costly, lower-performance engines. Yeah, when using Thru-Flow generators, these higher-quality brand-name central vacuum systems keep their production costs down and still charge a strong selling price thinking they would go unopposed since the buyer would use Air Watts as a major efficiency and value metric.

With the pricing pressures, however, many manufacturers are opting for less costly Thru-Flow engines and using their high Air Watts as a sales attribute for efficiency. After all, it can easily cost Tangential engines 4 times more than a Thru-Flow. So, if a vendor does not tell you what sort of engine they are using, presume it is a cheaper Thru-Flow engine. By asking to see what is inside, find out for sure. It's your money, after all, and it's fair that you would want to know what motor is in the device for which you pay.

We would suggest a Tangential Bypass motor system if you clean regularly, have a larger house, and/or have a growing family of pets or infants since they are built for a heavy workload and frequency of use.

The Reasons Tangential Motors are the Best selection

1.) The more you limit the vacuum air, the significantly quicker the engine runs, as with any central vacuum engine, now here is what is interesting, really. Because a tangential bypass engine uses a cooling fan that operates at the same armature RPM, the tangential bypass engine runs cooler when air is limited. This is such an important feature, which prolongs the life of the motor.

2) The polluted, but purified, vacuumed air is used by a Thru-Flow to cool itself. This polluted air flows directly through the motor's internal operating parts.

 On the other hand, a Tangential-Bypass engine uses a different fresh clean air fan to cool the electric motor and 'Bypass' dirty vacuum air and Tangentially' internal motor components and exhaust. In other words, hot dirty air is never in collision with vital constituents of the engine, so a Tangential-Bypass motor is a lifesaving function.

3.) Vacuumed air is used by a Thru-Flow motor to cool itself and does not have a specialized cooling system to cool the armature. So on average, this engine is hotter than a tangential bypass motor and uses cooling air of 33%.

How to replace central vacuum motorOn the other hand, a Tangential Bypass motor has a devoted fresh air-cooling fan on top of the engine to cool the engine and uses cold air at the room's ambient temperature.

There are several additional technical aims why a Tangential Bypass engine is greater than a Thru-Flow engine. However, it is enough to say that while you are buying a central vacuum and in case it's affordable, Cana-Vac advises choosing the Tangential Bypass engine supply from a manufacturing company.

If you have any questions regarding Central Vacuum Motors do not hesitate to reach out. Please call 1-800-322-2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be happy to assist you.

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