Central Vacuum Systems Buying Guide

Electrolux central vacuum parts near meTry building an automated central vacuum system in case you wish to vacuum the house easily and efficiently, without pulling around a vacuum cleaner. You will only be holding a portable vacuum hose and a wand as well as a vacuum cleaner head while cleaning your house. The central vacuum will automatically turn on when you plug the hose into the floor inlet port or a wall.

Dirt and dust pass through the hose into a pipe with PVC tubing as you clean.  That pipe runs to a huge power unit/dirt-collection container usually installed in an out-of-the-house position like in the garage, utility room, or basement through floors, house walls, or rooftop. You can order central vacuum systems online.

Is a Central Vacuum Right for You?

Although in most homes, central vacuum systems are magnificent and convenient, they are not right for everybody. In new buildings, built-in central vacuum systems are the simplest to install. Therefore, if you are already opening walls for renovations or other house repairs, this is probably an incredible opportunity for one of these systems to be easily installed.

Since the central vacuum motor normally hangs outside the living room, without disrupting television watching or phone calls, you can vacuum softly. In most situations, you only hear the "woosh" of air hitting the head of the vacuum. As a consequence, a central vacuum tends to reduce noise from the building. In addition, small particles of dust do not blow back into living spaces, a concern for most mobile vacuum cleaners. This is highly important for individuals who are susceptible to dust particles. One more thing is that big canisters need to be drained just two or three times a year.

Make sure that it would fit your house before purchasing a central vacuum system. If it is, you must decide the correct unit size to purchase and the volume of piping, and the number of components needed. You have to work out the structure of the system to achieve this.

Sizing a Central Vacuum

Electrolux central vacuum filterIt is really necessary to fit the power unit to the building when purchasing a central vacuum system such that the unit is strong enough to easily pull dirt from every nook and cranny on each and every floor via the system. It's not rocket science to purchase the right size unit, but it may be a bit difficult. The floor area of your house, the size of pipe needed to operate the system, and the suction needed must be taken into consideration.

We are trying to refer to the main component of the vacuum system when we're talking about sizing here: the power unit. There are several models offered by most manufacturers that vary in canister size, suction power, and price.

While vacuum manufacturers rate their products by air strength, airflow, and horse strength, effective suction is not demonstrated by these metrics.

The most accurate indicator of suction is "water lift," determined by a factory measurement of the sucking strength of a sealed vacuum device. When comparing one model with another, check the requirements of the manufacturer for this model. The water lift ratings of smaller systems range from 105 to 120 inches.

About Retrofitting a Central Vacuum

Then again, it would be reasonably straightforward to retrofit a central vacuum system into most existing homes. How convenient it is to connect the central vacuum pipe depends on the house or, more precisely, access to a basement, underground room, or rooftop.

Pipework will flow under the floor and stub up a small distance through walls in a single-story house with a basement or underground room. This technique works well with indoor, non-bearing walls which are not protected by pillars or frameworks. Or, floor inlets may be served directly by piping.

Most houses need one or two centrally positioned central vac inlet valves on each level. Although the inlet valves are better placed along the base of the interior walls, if you position them away from foot traffic and outfit the floor inlets with metal covers, you can mount them on floors.

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