Central Vacuum Systems

In need of a central vacuum device for your property? Think vacuum is proud to sell the best quality central vacuums, in addition to servicing every current central vacuum system.

Beam/Nuera-Air Relation to Central Vacuums

Commercial central vacuum system Nuera Air, a product of Nuera Inc., is delighted to report the purchase of the BEAM product of Electrolux central vacuum units.

Nuera Air is the maker of central vacuum systems for Husky and Duovac, two products that have been known for more than fifty years globally for their production efficiency, consistency, and reliability. In its Laval factory, Nuera Air produces its goods and distributes them around the globe.

The BEAM Selection for Central Vacuum

For more than 60 years, BEAM has been known as the Number 1 brand across the world. The powerful delivery network of Beam, brand reputation, and devoted personnel make the purchase a great advantage in expanding the consumer reach and collection of goods of Nuera Air.

The Cyclo Vac 

For more than three decades, Cyclo Vac has been developing, making, and selling central vacuum cleaners of high quality that have changed the face of the industry. In 2006, with the launch of their new technology: The High-Performance Range, Cyclo Vac once more lifted the bar.

Cyclo Vac's HE (High Efficiency) range, a brand new technology, with a redefined triple filtration device, super-efficient motors, and ultra-quiet power units, in addition to several other functional features and characteristics, will ease your life and entirely reshape the concept of cleaning.

Each day many million square meters are cleaned using the DISAN central vacuum cleaners in business buildings across the globe. DISAN Central Vacuum Systems

DISAN has created and generated a broad variety of solutions for nearly 20 years that meet the specifications of small apartments for domestic usage commercial purposes in large residential buildings. DISAN is known to be one of the strongest in the world for advanced central vacuum systems.

Vacuflo Vacuflo

Since the 1950s, VACUFLO central vacuum machines have equipped customers with cleaning capacity and comfort for the whole home. VACUFLO provides various advantages, including proprietary filtration systems, specific fast Clean Technologies, better indoor air efficiency, and the most detailed short lifetime warranty in the industry.

Find out why VACUFLO is the best central vacuum for your house and investigate the advantages of handheld vacuums over central vacuums. You may assume that your portable vacuum does a fine job, but you will be shocked by how much more efficient a central vacuum is—5 times stronger to be specific!


Hayden Central Vac Systems

For more than three decades, Hayden has become a well-known brand in the central vacuum industry. In many countries in North America, Hayden goods are recognized by various central vacuum specialists. The brand, often synonymous with industry specialists, is a promise to its consumers of consistency and efficiency.

Hayden became the property of the maker Trovac in 2017 and is making headlines by showcasing a fresh range of fully reinvented goods under the market label Hayden. The manufacturer introduces new efficient and quiet central vacuums, with a sleek style, by concentrating on the consistency of the product behind Hayden's popularity. These modern central vacuum systems of the maximum range reflect an additional advantage to any housing or real estate venture.

MD Central Vacuums

Small central vacuum systemThe number one interest in M.D. Manufacturing, Corporation is, and has always been the core vacuum production. M.D. before household brand names poured their hats into this business, Manufacturing had been miles ahead then.

50 years after developing the central vacuum concept, Charles Emdy began to sell units out of his workshop. M.D. Manufacturing is also one of the major suppliers of central vacuum technology in North America. Our passion is to deliver goods of high quality at affordable rates and to have customer support that is reliable, customized, and first-rate. Best of all, the original objectives of the designer are coming true: consumers enjoy the realistic and healthy advantages of an exemplary commodity, workers care for their family and M.D. Gives back by grants and scholarships to the city and our associates.

If you are looking for the best systems for cleaning, then you are in the right place. At Think Vacuum, we ensure that you get quality products and the right information from our experts. Call us today. 

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