How to Troubleshoot and Repair Your Central Vacuum

Troubleshooting Problems and Solutions 

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Central Vacuum Service

For people who are handy and would like to fix things on their own, the troubleshooting guide below contains our procedures. Do it yourself service that will educate you on how to fix your central vacuum. This guide contains all the possible causes and ways in which you can resolve those issues all from an expert. However, if you would like to speak with an expert live, dial (1.800.322.2965)


Issue 1: There Is Minimal To No Suction.


  1. Confirm that your hose is free from debris that may be stuck inside.

  2. Confirm that the bucket is properly installed and well secured to the major head.

  3. If your central vacuum system has two motors, confirm that both motors are functioning properly.

  4. Confirm that the central vacuum is producing suction by detaching the piping from the “IN”. If you ascertain that there is suction, then the issue is with the piping system.

  5. The problem could be with the piping system if all power outlets have suction, check on those.

  6. Confirm the level of your dust bag, if it is full, maybe you should change it, or if you don’t have an extra bag, you can use the unit without one.

  7. Use a damp cloth to clean the main filter then dry it thoroughly, reinstall the filter then confirm whether there is suction. The main filter must be installed.

Issue 2: The Central Vacuum Unit Won’t Start

  1. Confirm that the circuit breaker in your vacuum unit and also the one in your electrical panel is working properly.

  2.  Confirm that the 24-volt circuit is working as it should.

Here is how to check the 24-volt circuit:

Use a piece of metal to create contact between the two major ports of a wall-affixed air inlet. In case the system starts, then the suction hose is faulty. However, if the system does not start, confirm the 24-volt circuit is working just fine. 

Create a connection between the two screws of a 24-volt circuit with a metal rod. If the vacuum unit starts, then the 24-volt wire is not connected to the air inlet valves. In the event where the vacuum unit does not start after trying all the steps, then the circuit board might be defective.

Issue 3: Central Vacuum Won’t Stop


Detach either of the two 24 volt cords in the vacuum unit. If the vacuum unit turns off, it means that the two wires are connected somewhere in the whole system, or an inlet valve is faulty. However, if the vacuum unit continues to run, the circuit board is faulty.Call your dealer for more information.


Issue 4: Cracked PVC Pipe

This is one of the most common causes of suction loss. This issue happens when someone steps on the PVC pipes in the attic.

Replacing a section of the PVC.

  1. Remove the cracked section by cutting it.

  2. Slide a pair of slip couplings over the existing pipe.

  3. Put the new pipe section in position.

  4. Use PVC glue to attach the existing pipe and the couplings, and that’s it.

Ways of Preventing Damage To Your Central Vacuum Unit.

  1. Always ensure that the power cord is plugged in correctly and getting the correct voltage.

  2. If your central vacuum unit has had a surge or is at a very high temperature, the push to reset button will pop out. To reset the vacuum unit, push the button. However, if the button still pops out again, then you should call a technician.

  3. If your circuit breaker is constantly going off, it means that there are too many appliances using that circuit, consider having a separate circuit for your central vacuum unit. However, if the circuit breaker continues to cut power, get a service technician to look at it.

  4. If your central vacuum unit comes with an internal thermal switch, give it like 10 minutes to restart

 If you need any accessories or you are facing difficulties fixing your Central Vacuum unit, call us today and get help


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