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Central vacuum tune-up

ThinkVacuums will assist you with any repair concerning the central vacuum! In case you require repair locally for Central Vacuum and you stay in Broward, Southern Florida or Palm Beach Region, get in touch with us for more information. Our vacuum customer call center operates day and night to ensure that your needs and wishes are met concerning the vacuums.

Central Vacuum Service

In case you are good enough and you wish to fix the problems without our direct assistance, we have detailed instructions below that will guide you from the first step up to the last step.  You will be able to learn quick resolutions which could assist you in fixing your central vacuum gadgets. The troubleshooting segment is having many proficient specialists who can help in giving advice on any type of repair as well as providing you with the required information which comprises possible solutions if your system fails to function accordingly or if you experience any kind of malfunction. In case you wish to speak to a live repair specialist, just call our toll-free line on 1.800.322.2965. Our ThinkVacuums central vacuum service professionals are ready to assist you.

Top 4 Reasons Why Individuals Service Their Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum PVC Pipe That Is Cracked

Central Vacuum servicingThis is another popular issue that affects the systems. This issue happens once somebody steps on the pipe accidentally. In order to fix a cracked PVC pipe, do the following steps

1.       Remove the faulty pipe segment.

2.       Slide over the remaining pipe with a pair of slip connections.

3.       Put in the new pipe segment in place.

4.       Spread over PVC adhesive and reposition the two slip connections and you are done!

Useful Guidelines

Retry the process a number of times while not using the adhesive so that when you spread over the adhesive, this process would be problem-free.

NOTE: In case you realize a trembling coming from the motor, contact your supplier.

Recommended Items include; PVC Pipe (125 ft of Pipe), PVC Pipe (Single Pipe), PVC Couplings, and Installation Kits.

When My Central Vacuum Does Not Stop

As shown below, check the 24 volts’ circuit:

Disconnect one of the two wires on the device. The two wires are in contact somewhere within the circuit when the device stops, or a wall-mounted air intake valve is faulty. The printed circuit is faulty when the device does not stop. Give your dealer a call.

Recommended Items for if this occurs include; Electronic Parts, Central Vacuum Relays, and Central Vacuum Wall Inlet.

Un-Kept and Very Dirty Filter from Central Vacuum

What to Do When There is No Suction or Little Power

1.If one or more outlets have good suction, check the suction power in all the outlets, then the problem lies within the piping system.

2. In order to see if there is nothing stuck inside, check your hose.

3. By disconnecting the piping from the "IN," check the suction power of your central vacuum in the unit. The problem lies within the piping system if there is a suction issue.

4. By washing it with a damp cloth and drying it out thoroughly, clean the primary filter. Reinstall the primary filter and check for suction power on the unit.

5. Check to make sure that the bucket is well installed and that the main head is fastened.

6.Check to see if your bag of dust is not full. If so, please install a new bag and retry the suction power unit again. If a replacement bag is not available, you can use the unit without it.

7. If there are two motors in the unit, make sure both motors are working.


Recommended Items for this issue include; Central Vacuum Bags, Tornado Cloths, Central Vacuum Filters

My Central Vacuum Unit Does Not Start

How to service central vacuumThe first thing to check is the circuit breaker in your electrical panel.

1.       Check the 24-volt circuit

2.       Check the circuit breaker of the unit

3.       In order to check the 24-volt circuit, carry on as follow;

Create a connection with a piece of metal between the two sections of a wall-mounted air inlet valve (ex. coin). If the machine operates, there will be a faulty suction hose. If the machine does not operate check the 24-volt circuit on the unit, use a piece of metal to create a connection between the two screws of the 24-volt circuit plate (ex. Screwdriver). The 24-volt wire is either unplugged or cuts out from one of the wall-mounted air inlet valves when the machine operates.

In case the system still does not operate after the 3 steps above the printed circuit is faulty, you need to contact your supplier.

Recommended Items are; Electronic Parts and Central Vacuum Relays

Do not hesitate to contact Think Vacuum for affordable central vacuum cleaners. If you have any questions please call 1-800-322-2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be happy to assist you.

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