Central Vacuum Systems: How to Choose the Best One for Your Home

So what if its sales records are hot. Others like it but I may not. The truth of a matter is no product or service is the right choice for everyone. The most truthful answer anyone can give is about the appropriateness of their choice. That choice depends on manufacturer’s standards of quality and innovative design and on the buyer’s needs and wants.

For that reason, our staff at Think Vacuums is elated to provide each customer with multiple product options, none of which are patented by us. Because we don’t own the patent, our sales recommendations lack inherent product prejudice. That is not to say that a given staff member will not have a preference for one brand over another, but they will always include an honest explanation as to why when suggesting a sale to a customer. We will never recommend a brand solely because it is our brand because, as we said, none of the brands are ours. We have a website that accurately and comprehensively reviews 98% of the central vacuum brands available so that each customer can decide what she or he wants and needs.

Now it may sound a little silly but why not consider this? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle taught the world how to solve crimes through the stories of Sherlock Holmes, why not take a page from his book and allow him to teach you how to shop? One of the purported investigative techniques of Holmes was to systematically eliminate from the least probable, far-fetched to the most probable perpetrator of a crime to find the actual criminal.

Buying a central vacuum system is not like buying a new sweater or pair of shoes in a color that you end up disliking and can easily replace. Nor is it a remodeling endeavor. When deciding which central vacuum is the best choice for you, may we suggest that you begin by determining which system you definitely do not want? Then the remaining choices, at the very least, are still favorable options.

Central Vacuum

Before looking at the reviews for central vacuum systems to decide which one best suits your needs, consider the reasons you are buying a central vacuum system in general. You can then use this information to influence your decisions. Here are a couple of things to think about:


  • Central vacuum technology is superior to any other vacuum. Regardless of the size of a home, a central vacuum system will clean the space and remove pollutants better than a standard vacuum. 

  • A central vacuum cleans more thoroughly, thus eliminating different tools for different areas like interior carpeting, a garage or basement, and stairs.

  • A central vacuum system has five times the cleaning power of most machines, yet its remote location reduces the noise level. 

  • You do not have to transport a central vacuum system from place to place. Only a hose moves from one connector to another, and the maintenance is less frequent.

The factors that go into the ratings for most vacuums include suction power, a noise level of the motor, warranty, convenience, longevity, durability, maintenance, state-of-art-materials, and a number of service calls.

According to the reviews, for a home of four thousand to nine thousand square feet, the best vacuum is the Drainvac T-3 Turbo with a suction power of 900 Airwatts. This is the best vacuum available in this size category. It comes with a five-star rating, a lifetime warranty, and a bag or bagless models are available.

Drainvac also makes a larger machine for a bigger space with a twin turbo. This machine is ideal for ten thousand square feet or more with a suction power of 1340 Airwatts. However, this model with its lifetime warranty and five-star rating come in at number two. The best review for this space size is the new Purvac Killer Whale system with a suction power of 1347 Airwatts. This system also has a lifetime warranty, five-star rating, and the availability of bag or bagless models.

A smaller home of 3500 square feet or fewer raves for the Powerhouse. Made by Drainvac, the Powerhouse has 790 Airwatts suction power. It too has the lifetime warranty, the five-star rating, and bag or bagless models.

Contact us at ThinkVacuums.com so we can work for you to find the perfect vacuum model for your home.