Beam Central Vacuums: A Workhorse for Your Home Vacuuming Needs

Are you looking for a powerful central vacuum cleaner at a competitive price? A Beam central vacuum is a terrific brand with models that fit anyone’s household needs. The 275A Classic model is the product we are highlighting today. The Classic is powerful enough to clean homes up to 7,000 square feet and is excellent at cleaning bare and hardwood floors because you only need to cover each area one time. When you locate the canister in the garage, you can plug in a hose for easy vacuuming of your car or truck. Additionally, this model comes with a lifetime warranty on the permanent filter



Alliance 700TC Central Vacuum System - 700 Watts

Alliance 700TB Central Vacuum System - 700 Watts

Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum System - 650 Watts

Alliance 600SB Central Vacuum System - 600 Watts

Classic 298C Central Vacuum System - 640 Watts



The Classic’s Benefits and Cost

The Classic delivers the power and cleaning ability you expect from the best central vacuums at an affordable price. There is no bending over when plugging the hose into outlets or when vacuuming making it especially helpful if you have back, neck, arm, or shoulder issues Central vacuums are quieter than uprights and canisters, and they last up to 20 years or more with normal use and maintenance. The benefits of this machine are enough to encourage anyone to purchase, install, and use it in their home. See for yourself:

  • Its air watt motor uses tapered fans that increase airflow compared to other brands.
  • The Classic has a soft start motor that prevents premature wear.
  • Its large 4-gallon dirt receptacle canister is easy to remove and replace.
  • The HEPA CleanStream™ filter only needs replacing every 2 or 3 years.
  • A utility inlet is built into the front of the canister to allow use in the garage.

You can purchase the reliable Beam Classic 275A today for only $699.95 from Think Vacuums

Key Features You Will Like

Knowing a vacuum’s features and how they work before you buy it helps you better understand how to use and maintain it. We also think you will appreciate the Classic’s key features compared to other brands.

  • A 600-air watt 14.3-amp motor
  • 5.7” dual suction fan motor for better airflow
  • Soft start motor for increased life
  • Noise level of 74.1 Db
  • Programmed logic controller
  • 7-year motor and electronics warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on non-electric parts
  • 1-year labor warranty

The Classic provides 125 cubic feet of airflow per minute and a 140-inch waterlift. It comes fitted with a six-foot power cord and a control module with a manually operated switch. This model is a winner for homes up to 7,000 square feet. The power unit’s diameter is only eleven inches, and it weighs a light thirty-one pounds making it is easy and convenient to install in a garage, crawl space, or utility room. Additionally, if you choose to install it in the garage, it is easy to attach a hose to the power unit for convenient car or truck vacuuming. Its strong suction makes cleaning your vehicle a breeze!

Accessories and Parts Are Available

All you need to get the Classic vacuum up and running is the power unit, installation kit, and the accessories kit. You can save money by purchasing a complete package rather than ordering the three items listed above separately.

There are a few more accessories you may want to order with your initial purchase, or later as you need them. Think about adding any or all of these products to fit your individual needs:

  • Deluxe central vacuum care & garage 30-foot kit
  • Feather Lite vacuum deodorizer & freshener 7 oz.
  • Turbopro deluxe handheld turbo powerhead
  • Microfiber dust mop green 9589
  • Twister ultimate smooth bare floor brush
  • Central vacuum 24” flexible crevice tool
  • Central vacuum ultimate combo rug/floor tool
  • Socit vacaddy hose & tool storage 2.0

With these accessories, attachments, and tools you can handle any floor, upholstery, stairway, blinds, or shutter cleaning jobs. Talk to one of our central vacuum experts at 800-322-2965 about the Classic model, and any of your other vacuuming needs.

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