Are Central Vacuums a Good Idea for Businesses?

Electrolux Central Vacuums are great investments for businesses. In fact, these units far surpass traditional upright vacuums for daily and weekly cleaning. Central vacuum systems are installed in a room where there is little human traffic. They are connected via wall inlets, which allow you to attach hoses, brushes, and all types of vacuum cleaning accessories. As an industry leader in central vacuum cleaning systems, Electrolux units are available at competitive prices and continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. At, we are proud to feature the Electrolux line for all residential and commercial buyers.

Why Choose Electrolux Central Vacuums?

Electrolux VacuumThere are several benefits and advantages of choosing Electrolux for your business. For one, you no longer have to carry around bulky, traditional vacuum cleaners to clean every corner of your business. Similarly, you can secure proper hygiene with clean air throughout your business. This is great for customers with respiratory or breathing issues, along with employees, staff and team members. Electrolux central vacuums also feature filters, bags, hoses, brushes, and more accessories at cost-affordable prices. Whether you need Electrolux central vacuum repair, filters or simply more information on this product – it’s as easy as visiting our site or contacting our team today.

Electrolux Central Vacuum Features

Electrolux vacuums are truly efficient and more reliable than conventional units. In fact, Electrolux is synonymous with powerful motors that help make cleaning a snap. Similarly, you can clean grime, dust, dirt, pet hair and other elements from hardwood flooring, carpeting, rugs, and even drapery and upholstery. As one of the top central systems on the market today, Electrolux powerheads are great for carpets, while upholstery tools are convenient and easy to attach and remove when not in use. Electrolux also offers dusting tools, along with brushes for cleaning tiles and more. At Think Vacuums, we can easily repair or service any type of commercial or residential central vacuum cleaning system.

User-Friendly Central Vacuums

Businesses must be clean and presentable at all times. Remember, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression on any customer. This not only refers to products, services, and customer service but also store cleanliness and hygiene. With this in mind, an Electrolux central system can be set up in isolated areas of your business. This includes storage rooms, along with basements or even crawlspaces. This allows you and your customers and staff to have ample space without bumping into traditional vacuums left out on display or gallery showroom floors. Once your central unit is installed in your desired location, you can easily plug in hoses and other attachments. All the polluted air and elements are safely vacuumed and directed towards the dust bag via PVC pipe.

Commercial Cleaning Systems

Established in 1901, Electrolux has been manufacturing vacuums for well over a century. As a multi-national company with a strong global reach, Electrolux remains one of the top vacuum cleaning brands for businesses across several industries and sectors. At, we feature the best in Electrolux central vacuum accessories, filters, and tools. If you are tired of traditional standard upright vacuums for your business, now is the right time to consider a central vacuum cleaning system.
Think Vacuums features a huge selection of top-quality vacuum cleaners, parts and accessories. With years of extensive industry experience, we are truly your central vacuum headquarters and offer a wide selection of products. From central vacuum system parts to central vacuum bags, you can easily find all the latest and greatest items at our website. We are also available to answer any product or service questions you may have. This includes helping you find the right central vacuum, along with bags, filters, hoses, powerheads, brushes and more.
At, we are committed to excellence in all services. We also stand by all our great products and showcase a range of discounts and daily specials. As always, our online and phone representatives are here to assist you with all product information and orders. From system power units to complete vacuum packages, there are so many benefits of using central vacuum systems for the home or office.