Central Vacuum Use in Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

When you think of central vacuum cleaners, you’re likely to think of an in-home system used to handle household dust, dirt, debris, and spills. But there are more uses for a central vacuum system, including keeping hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and other large-size venues clean. The same features that make central vacuums so useful in residential properties can serve you well in a commercial location.
Cleaning a large area can be much simpler without having to push or pull a cumbersome vacuum unit along, plugging and unplugging in each new room. The lightweight, portable nature of central vacuum systems make it easy to clean even a large area in a short time, and their durability means little need for replacement parts and repairs. We have prepared some ideas to help you get started with your purchase decision.

Where Can a Central Vacuum System Be Used?

Central vacuum systems provide cleaning power that makes it easy to keep commercial spaces looking neat and clean, including: Top Central Vacuum Models

  • Restaurants
  • Theaters
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Conference Centers
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Hospitals & Clinics

Using a central vacuum system makes cleaning these spaces more efficient, effective, and cuts costs by saving work time. They do a better job than upright and canister models and save buying a new portable cleaning machine every few years. With the long-expected lifespan of a central vacuum system, the decision to install one helps management stay on top of equipment budgets for decades at a time. There are several reasons to try a central vacuum system in these settings that are explained in the next sections of this blog.

Central Vacuum Systems Cut Down On Cleaning Time

In a large hotel or motel, management typically hires a staff of several people to keep the rooms, common areas, and lobby clean and spotless. Restaurants tend to have a front-of-house staff pitch in as well as having a cleaning crew come in at night to supplement these efforts. The cost of payroll, overtime, and benefits for these employees can add up to thousands of dollars in extra expenses each year, which cuts into the company’s bottom line.
The staff is also constantly in a time crunch, trying to get rooms cleaned as fast as possible before guests can check in or clean the restaurant before it re-opens the next day. The management also has to pay for the equipment costs on a large scale, including:

Save your cleaning time with central vacuum systems

  • More Vacuum Cleaners
  • High-Quality Bags
  • Durable Filters
  • Replacement parts

Instead of equipping each housekeeping employee with a separate portable vacuum unit, they can move one hose and wand set from room to room. This saves a lot of money and time because the hose and wand set is lightweight and easy to carry. You can even have more than one hose located in strategic places in the facility. The staff will appreciate less strain and wear on their bodies.
The cleaning nozzles that attach to the central vacuum system are harder to wear out and have a long lifespan. Even if you find that you do need replacement nozzles, they can be cheaper to purchase than a new vacuum and last much longer. Overall, the choice to switch to a central vacuum system instead of purchasing more portable cleaning machines management and staff alike.

“It’s important to keep the floors looking new because no one wants to stay in rooms that look dingy. The same goes for the lobby, common areas, and eating area.”

A Central Vacuum Removes Dirt from Flooring More Effectively

Central vacuum systems plug directly into the piping and power unit allowing them to collect more dirt due to the increased suction power. In a hotel or restaurant, this comes especially in handy, as the heavy rate of foot traffic can lead to more debris accumulation than in the average home. In inclement weather, this can mean even more debris getting tracked in. The common types of debris that the system can pick up better include: Central Vacuum Use In Hotels And The Hospitality Industry

  • Dust & Dirt
  • Allergens of All Types
  • Hair & Animal Dander
  • Food Crumbs & Sand
  • Baby Food & Formula
  • Small Food Wrappers

Cleaning these areas quickly and easily helps to present a good first impression on every customer that comes through the door. Your central vacuum does this because its motor is much more powerful than portable upright and canister models. The appliance cleans more deeply in any type of carpet and the collection canister holds many times more debris. A central vacuum system is a win-win situation for any hospitality business.
Another thought that makes using these vacuums more pleasant is their quietness. Since the power unit/motor is out of sight and away from guests, the system does not produce irritating noises that bother people. Properly cleaning each guest room is vital for guests to return to your hotel or motel.

Maintains Your Location for Future Customers and Visitors

Using Central Vacuums for Restaurant Spring Cleaning Central vacuums remove the items that are likely to leave stains or damage the finish of the floor, helping to preserve it as time goes on. Proper maintenance of the carpeting in your hotel or restaurant can help extend the life of the carpeting. Without a chance to get ground into the fibers, dirt is less likely to stain the carpet permanently. This keeps the surface looking clean and preserves the integrity of the carpet.
This can also be true if you have wood or tile flooring in certain parts of your facility. With many different types of specialized powerheads on the market, the central vacuum system can be effectively used for any type of flooring and other surfaces.
It’s important to keep the floors looking new because no one wants to stay in rooms that look dingy. The same goes for the lobby, common areas, and eating area. Perhaps you have been “turned off” by a dirty hotel or motel and decided to go elsewhere. If so, you know how vital it is to keep your facility clean, especially floors. Install a central vacuum system and maintain higher customer reviews.
Learn how to clean a motel or hotel room correctly and it becomes easier over time.

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