What Type of Hose Connection Do You Have?

There are two common central vacuum inlet valves in the central vacuum industry. The pigtail or the direct connect hose. They are designed to insert into inlets that measure a standard 1 ½ inch diameter opening.

PIGTAIL CONNECTION (Standard or Universal Style Inlet)

This standard inlet is the most common type used in 99% of all homes today. If you are going to be using an electric power (carpet) nozzle, you will have to plug the 6 ft. pigtail cord into a nearby 110 volt outlet.

Direct Connect Inlet

These inlets require low voltage and a 110 voltage Romex wire when installing under new construction. The hose used for this inlet will have low voltage signal and also have 2 prongs on top of the hose, when pushed in at the same time will than activate your carpet nozzle.


CUSTOMER ALERT: If you have a Budd, Kenmore, Sears, Vacuflo, or Black & Decker in home vacuum, your inlets may not accept the universal pigtail or direct connect style hoses. These vacuum brands do NOT come standard with a 1.5" diameter hose end found on most other central vacuum systems.

If your inlet valves look different from what is pictured here please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for assistance @ 1.800.322.2965. We are America’s Vacuum Headquarters, and will proudly help you to locate the proper hose for your central vacuum system.