Compare Central Vacuum Designs

Truth About Cyclonic Central Vacuums

The picture to the right displays a two-part central vacuum system with a motor on top and dirt canister on the bottom. A dual canister system does not have any advantage over a one canister central vacuum system. This picture was sent to us from one of our customers who has since switched from an inefficient dual true cyclonic system to a much better single Canister Duovac.
Important Installation Reminder: Every elbow lessens the suction power to a degree. It is always advised to have the shortest direct route of pipe back to the unit.
The customer also complained of never having enough suction from the start as well as being too loud when this was originally mounted by the builder.


  • This antiquated dinosaur design which still exists on the market today produces unnecessary drag in airflow which may potentially overheat your motor.
    This makes the motor work harder and deliver less suction power over the course of time. This can also shorten the life of the motor.

  • It's totally unnecessary to have a central vacuum designed this way.

  • A dual canister system requires extra piping, additional storage, elbows and labor which is unneeded.

  • When additional elbows are used in this configuration you will lose a good percentage of suction power due to airflow restriction and more of a chance of clogging.

  • We're finding most of these systems are designed around an inefficient cyclonic design.

  • Here is something to ponder! Companies that give a longer warranty on their central vacuum unit, simply put, have more confidence in the quality of their product.
    Typically most cyclonic units only offer a 5 to 7 year warranty - Better central vacuums offer a longer warranty... between 15 to 20 years to life time.