Choosing the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing a vacuum to use in your home is a challenge in and of itself but if you are trying to find something that will work in your commercial environment, you have an entirely different challenge ahead of you. Commercial vacuums cleaners are quite different from residential models with the first difference being that they are more durable. A commercial vacuum cleaner is expected to experience much greater problems and take more of a beating than a residential vacuum, so you will see more suggest materials, and even better wheels. This difference, of course, will be reflected in the higher cost, which leads many to seek out commercial vacuum cleaners on sale

A Look at Commercial Vacuum Features 

Commercial Vacuum CleanerThe features of a commercial vacuum cleaner are not to be overlooked. There are several that will make them easier to use in the commercial environment, including:


  • Longer Cords – Power cords with greater length will allow the user to vacuum down longer hallways without needing to walk back, unplug it, and find a new outlet.

  • Larger Bag Capacity – Commercial buildings are much larger than homes and for that reason, it is necessary to have a larger bag, capable holding all of the collected debris.


While all commercial vacuums that you choose to invest in will most certainly have these benefits, you should probably note that they will not often come with power control tools, like HEPA filters unless you are willing to pay extra. That said, if you want to invest money in a commercial vacuum system, you need to decide if you are only doing a light cleaning or if you are planning to completely scrub your carpets. Deep cleaning will require a bit more of an investment, but you already know this. 

Easier to Maintain 

Commercial vacuum cleaners will be easier to maintain than residential vacuums, making them less of a hassle for both you and your employees. They are designed to run for far longer than the domestic models and with that in mind, it is easier to replace belts, bags, and more than it would have been in other home systems where the components are difficult to get to. You will also notice that wheels simply snap out and back in, meaning that you do not need to send the unit back to the factory for repair. In residential units, parts are often closer together and more cramped, which means the user will either need to be very mechanically inclined or willing to learn quite a bit. 

Power is Everything 

Commercial vacuums will almost always be more powerful than residential ones, though you will definitely want to check before you buy. The idea is to make sure that employees are able to complete the cleaning of a room in a single pass rather than multiple passes, which would otherwise be very difficult, especially with a residential grade vacuum. When you are shopping for a vacuum, make sure that they have the power you need to address the problems in your facility. Additionally, make sure that they are able to handle what they will be picking up. If you are in a warehouse, for example, make sure that your vacuum cleaner can pick up a screw without causing damage to the hose.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are not difficult to obtain even if they are a bit more expensive than the residential models that simply will not meet your needs. Look through our inventory right now to find vacuums that will work for your environment. From industrial settings to office buildings, and much more, we have exactly what you need and it won’t be long before you’re set to keep your space clean both efficiently and safely.