Choosing a Vacuum – Industrial vs Residential

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If you are anticipating buying a new vacuum cleaner, think about a residential model versus a commercial model. You can’t go wrong with choosing a household vacuum for regular cleaning work. If your home is large and/or you have several pets and/or children that requires frequent vacuuming, you might think about a heavy-duty commercial model.


Residential models include upright, stick, canister, backpack, and central vacuums. Commercial vacuums are typically upright, canister, and backpack models. Each type has its benefits for specific cleaning conditions and the following information should help you choose the right one for your home or business needs.

Upright VS Canister VS Backpack Vacuums Benefits

These three types of vacuums are the most popular found in today’s homes. Let’s look at the major benefits and cons of each kind, including stick vacuums.

Upright Pros Upright Cons
Tend to cost less than canisters
Have wider cleaning paths
Better at cleaning carpets
Easier to store
Weight more than a canister vacuum
Noisier than canisters
Difficult to drag around and up/down stairs
Less effective when cleaning around corners


Canister Pros Canister Cons
More powerful than uprights
Easy to carry / Better maneuverability
Easy to operate
Quieter than uprights
More attachments to choose from
Not operational ready
Some assembly required
Harder to store in some areas
Bending over more often
Dragging canister behind
Not practical for quick use


Backpack Pros Backpack Cons
More versatile than other models
Powerful motor and suction
No bending over to clean
Easy to reach difficult places
Easy to carry up/down stairs
Must be carried on users back
Corded models can be clumsy
Fewer tools available than some models


Stick Pros Stick Cons
Lightweight and convenient
Ideal for quick clean ups
Easy to carry around
Models come corded or cordless
Doesn’t perform as well on carpets
Smaller dirt canisters than other models
Most are fairly noisy
Lack of power and capacity


Best Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner

Sanitaire SC 420 Backpack

The three leading brands of residential vacuums are Miele, Dyson, and SEBO. Now that you know more, use these lists to help choose the type of vacuum that is right for your home or business.

Benefits of a Residential Vacuum

While central vacuums are an appealing option to consider, there are some benefits that are offered by residential vacuums that leave consumers pondering what would be the best option to fit their cleaning needs. Residential Vacuum cleaners come in all sizes, and sometimes it can be more convenient to grab a lightweight vacuum for a quick clean up task.

Additionally, there are many floor cleaner models that are made as 2 in 1 machines that can mop your floor as you vacuum up debris, which can be a great benefit to the busy homeowner that needs to cut cleaning time in half. Residential vacuums also tend to be cheaper to repair than central vacuum systems that are installed in the home. If a repair is too costly, these machines can also be easily replaced at a reasonable cost.

“Our qualified staff is trained to answer all of your questions and help you completely understand all of the details of each of our high-quality central vacuum brands offered.”

Commercial VS Residential Benefits

Commercial vacuums have strong suction power because their motors are more powerful. They have sturdier housing and larger dirt collection canisters than residential vacuums. They are used often by hotel chains, maid services, retails stores, motels, schools, and government offices. Choosing a commercial vacuum for your home means you get an appliance that is sturdy, heavy-duty, and more durable. These models are the best for home that require frequent vacuuming or have more than the average number of rooms to clean.

We offer excellent prices, a wide selection of brands and models, tools, attachments, accessories, and parts. We stock the five leading brands of commercial vacuums including Sanitaire, Bissell, ProTeam, Clean Obsessed, and Carpet Pro.

Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

Use the Right Central Vacuum Attachments

Central Vacuums Are Becoming

Central Vacuum Systems are an innovative addition to the home cleaning industry. Before home central vacuum systems were invented, homeowners were left with one option for cleaning the floors in their homes, a portable vacuum cleaner.

Think Vacuums carries the highest quality central vacuum brands and central vacuum installation parts. Their pristine machines are finely crafted to be customizable to reach all of the areas of your home.

While some people question whether a central vacuum system is the best choice for them, there are many things to consider when weighing their options and making a final decision between choosing an Industrial vacuum or a Residential vacuum.

Central vacuum systems have been a great addition to homes as they have been known to improve the air quality within our dwelling for you and your family. These interesting machines also operate more efficiently and quieter than conventional vacuums. Any home can be eligible for this valuable installation option. Central vacuums can improve your quality of life by eliminating the heavy cumbersome vacuum that you would generally have to lug up and down stairs and all over spaces of your home.

These models of vacuums are also typically more energy efficient than industrial vacuums saving the homeowner in the energy costs that are associated with cleaning the home. Think Vacuums offers a quality central vacuum system that is equipped with many different attachment options to fit your varying cleaning needs.

Some Large Comparisons

When considering whether purchasing a residential vacuum for your home cleaning needs or installing a central vacuum system there are a few key things to always keep in mind. One of the largest differences in these two options is their performance. Our central vacuum systems have the performance of a professional heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Residential vacuum cleaners simply cannot be equipped with the advanced cleaning capacity of our elite machines.

Our vacuums are built for commercial areas, which is an added benefit when utilizing them in your home. This results in machines that are built with longer power cords, larger debris storage capacity for less time spent emptying the debris tank, and an extended option of onboard tools.

Our Quality Services

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