Clean Faster and Easier with a Commercial Vacuum Backpack

Think Vacuums is your source for the best in commercial vacuum cleaners, parts and accessories. In fact, our extensive showroom gallery in Coral Springs features all the top-name brands and units. As one of – if not – the national leading online vacuum cleaning business, we are proud to meet all your needs within time and budget. With a highly-dedicated staff and certified technicians, we can truly help you find the right commercial vacuum cleaner on sale. This includes backpack vacuums, which are as effective as they are convenient. Whether for homes, offices, or even warehouses – these units are designed to clean all your interiors and exteriors to a tee. 

A Huge Selection of Commercial Vacuums 

Commercial Vacuum CleanerAt, we are proud to feature a huge selection of commercial vacuum cleaners and accessories. This includes:
  • Backpack Vacuums
  • Canister Vacuums
  • Floor Sweepers
  • Upright Vacuums
As always, we can help you choose the right commercial vacuums cleaner if you are not sure. This includes units that meet your budget and financial concerns, along with bagless and canister units. Finding the right product also depends on your cleaning needs. For example: a floor sweeper may be perfect for cleaning your hardwood floors and hallways. However, a backpack unit works great on removing dirt, dust, grime and food particles from between couch cushions and upholstery. Again, we are here to help you make a worthwhile and informed buying decision. 

Why Choose a Backpack Cleaning Unit? 

When it comes to commercial vacuum cleaning ratings, backpack models continue to receive stellar customer and industry reviews. In fact, these convenient models are among the highest selling brands and items here at Think Vacuums. Here are some essential benefits of opting to buy these reliable, sturdy and dependable units:
  • Backpack models are cost-effective, easy to use and very durable.
  • These units are lightweight, mobile and more productive than traditional vacuum cleaning systems.
  • These models capture more dirt and allergens – ensuring a thorough and clean job for any home, business, or industrial warehouse.
  • Backpacks are ergonomically designed to ensure optimal safety and stress – free cleaning.
From ProTeam and Bissell to Sanitaire and DustCare, we showcase all the highest and most efficient vacuum cleaners. Here are some more products we have at our online store with detailed listings, prices, and even customer recommendations and industry reviews. 

Upright Vacuum Cleaners 

Upright vacuums are traditional in style and have been around for ages. They are still a popular choice among business and homeowners – due to their simplicity and ease of use. With these units, the motor and suction heads are built into the components for easy handling and dirt pickup. We feature Eureka, Pro Team, Twin Turbo HEPA and many other selections for your convenience. 

Canister Models 

Commercial Vacuum CleanerCanister cleaners are equipped with a wand at the end of the hose. These hoses are longer than those on upright models and can reach farther cleaning spaces. The canister also has the engine, along with dust bags and filter within. There are even wheels, which ensure optimal mobility and easy pulling back and forth. Our tip canister models include Eureka, Electrolux, and Quick Clean units. 

Floor Sweepers 

Floor sweepers are perfect for hardwood, vinyl and other types of flooring. In fact, these units are great since they effectively pick up most anything on floors. They also come in a variety of sizes and widths to correlate with your flooring and tiling sizes. We offer Sanitaire and Bissell brands –both highly praised and heralded for their performance and efficiency across the board. 

Think Vacuums and Buy the Best 

At Think Vacuums, we are committed to excellence in all services. We also stand by all our vacuum cleaning brands and products. Whether looking to upgrade or replace your existing units, we can turn your vacuum ownership dreams into realities. Simply access our website and online store for the latest and newest vacuum systems, parts and accessories today.