Must-Have Attachments for Cleaning Stairs

Carpets that get a lot of foot traffic receive their share of wear, tear, and dirt. When it comes to regular cleaning, carpeted stairs are one of the most overlooked areas to keep clean. Doing a good job starts by picking up anything too large to vacuum up and select the right tools for the job. Your stairs should look just as good as the floors in your home or business. Stair cleaning is always a bit of a pain unless you have the right attachments for your home or commercial vacuum. The problem with an upright is that even though it can definitely clean the stairs, it can be a bit of a strain on you. That being said, the best thing that you can do is start by using an attachment and/or an extended or flexible wand rather than trying to lug the entire vacuum cleaner up the stairs. We’ve compiled a list of great attachments that are incredibly useful for any commercial vacuum cleaner, so get ready!

The Basic Crevice Tool

The Basic Crevice Tool

Where do you think the largest build-up of dust and dirt can usually be found on carpeted stairs? The corners and along the edges, where else. Choose the right tool like a long crevice tool with a small home for effectiveness. Start at the bottom of the stairs and work your way up by cleaning the edges and each corner. It takes more work but it’s worth it by vacuuming back down after reaching the top of the stairs. The importance of the long crevice tool cannot be overstated. You find this one in just about every vacuum cleaner kit out there and with good reason. When you are cleaning your stairs, or essentially anything in your house that has a corner, you’re going to end up trying to get some serious cleaning done while finding that the head of your vacuum cleaner won’t reach everywhere. This video shows how to clean stairways effectively and you can make it more efficient by adding a crevice tool.

If you want to up the ante just a little bit, then you might want to consider using a powerhead.

The Floor Brush – An Important Part Of Any Vacuum Set

Floor Brushes Are Essential

Now it’s time to replace the crevice tools with a floor brush. Starting with the lowest step, run this brush slowly and carefully over each step twice, the second time at a 90 degree angle to the first. Next, clean the vertical part of the stairs called risers by turning the brush upside down and going over it thoroughly. Do the horizontal surfaces of each step and then vac the vertical risers. Floor brushes, like every other vacuum cleaner attachment, can be easily affixed to the vacuum hose and wand and will be essential in brushing out the carpet while you are running the vacuum. Floor brushes are much like a standard vacuum attachment in that they are responsible for sucking up dirt and debris. Spinning brushes, however, make them a bit more useful, as if they were a miniature vacuum. The biggest difference is that they usually do not have quite as much power.

Power Head – Stepping It Up A Little

Miele SEB236 Electric Premium Powerhead Black   SEBO ET-2 Electric Powerhead (Red, White, Or Black)

If you want to up the ante just a little bit, then you might want to consider using a powerhead. Take the SEBO ET-2 powerhead or the Miele SEB236 Electric Premium Powerhead Black as an example. They are capable of aggressively cleaning both carpets and hard floors using a brush roller. This is referred to as a powerhead simply because it has an on/off switch which allows the roller to function either under power or completely inert. This simple feature makes cleaning very easy and extremely convenient. The best part is that the unit features a red warning light to let the user know if there is any sort of obstruction. It will also let you know if the brush roller needs to be replaced or if the brush height is too high. All in all, it makes for the most efficient and most professional cleaning method on the market.

Seek Out Other Attachments

An upholstery Brush   Telescopic Wand   Flexible Turbobrush

We’ve listed some of the best attachments for any residential bagged and bagless vacuums out there, but there are some others that are useful. You may want to invest in:

  • An upholstery tool for furniture
  • A telescopic wand for stairs
  • A flexible turbobrush for stairs
  • Tool for blinds and ceiling fans

In addition to helping you to clean stairs, the attachments we have mentioned can be used in cleaning tight corners, beneath furniture, ceiling vents, floor registers, and even in spots that you can barely see. The most important piece of advice we can give you here is to look at all your cleaning needs and match them with the appropriate tools to clean your home or office. Check out these ideas for vacuuming your stairs.

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