Comparing NuTone Power Units for Your Home

Deciding that you should invest in a central vacuum is relatively easy because there are so many benefits over an upright or canister vacuum. However, choosing the perfect model is a different story, as you’ll likely have several questions relating to power, features, and size.
NuTone vacuums are some of the most popular on the market today, and the manufacturer has made it relatively easy to choose from the different models in the range. NuTone power units are segmented into handy categories based on the size of your home, so you’ll know exactly which one is perfect for your needs.
If you’re ready for one of the most important investments that you’ll ever make in your home, then this guide to NuTone power units is the perfect place to start.

NuTone Vacuums Model PP500 – The Perfect Starter for Homes and Apartments

NuTone Central VacuumsPP500 NuTone power units are designed for small homes and apartments with moderate cleaning needs. If you have a home up to 4,000 sq. ft., this is the perfect model to consider. Made with a standard NuTone filtration system, the PP500 will help to ensure clean air throughout your home.
As the model name implies, this option provides 500 air watts of power, which offers excellent cleaning power that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional upright vacuums. It uses a large 6-gallon disposable bag for dust and debris, so emptying this one is hygienic and convenient.
It’s simple to install, and you can even retrofit the PP500 to an existing central vacuum pipe system.
While this might be the ‘baby’ in the NuTone vacuums range, it has plenty of power for apartments, condos, and townhomes, making it an excellent starter choice for your first central vacuum.

NuTone Vacuums Model PP600 – A Great Mid-Range Option for Most Families

If the PP500 isn’t big enough for your space, you can step up to one of the PP600 NuTone power units. These units are ideal for homes between 4,000 and 7,000 sq. ft. This model comprises many of the same features as the PP500, with the addition of a sealed HEPA filter to ensure that microscopic dust doesn’t make its way back into your breathable air. If you have pets in the home that leave dander, if you suffer from a respiratory condition or have young children, this is a great model that will keep your home healthy and hygienic.
The PP600 is compatible with NuTone central vacuum accessories as well as high-quality standard accessories from third-party manufacturers. The increased power rating of 600 air watts means that you can install a more extensive network of pipes, even in a two-story home.

NuTone Central Vacuums Model PP650 – High Power for Large Home Layouts

Have a home up to 9,000 sq. ft.? If so, the PP650 is the model for you. This is the most powerful unit in the PurePower range of NuTone central vacuum systems. It has an upgraded HEPA 2.0 filter for best-in-class filtration and special features like sound-absorbing ultra-quiet technology.
This model uses a hybrid bagging system that allows you to use a debris pail when you have temporarily run out of vacuum bags. Even when you are using bags, you’ll only need to change them out every six months with regular use.
Despite its power, this vacuum still comes in at a great price and is perfect for a new installation or retrofit in a large home.

First Time Install? Choose NuTone Complete Packages

All the NuTone central vacuum systems we’ve mentioned are perfect for installing in an existing system. However, if you’re installing your very first central vacuum, then you could opt for NuTone complete packages.
Complete package kits include accessories, installation hardware, and high quality certified central vacuum PVC pipes. You’ll save money buying everything in one package, and you can even get free shipping on your order.
Whatever size home you have, NuTone Central Vacuum systems offer great value and class-leading performance. Browse the complete range of central vacuums, accessories, parts, and more at Think Vacuums today.