Are There Additional Costs When Running Electrolux Central Vacuums?

Owning an Electrolux central vacuum can be a huge convenience that makes it easier to keep your home clean and healthy. If you are considering installing an Electrolux model at your home, then you may have some concerns about ongoing running costs. Many people assume that because a central system can clean an entire home, that the running costs would be much higher than a standard vacuum.

The reality is that a central vacuum isn’t inherently costlier to run, but it is important to stay up to date with maintenance so that you can ensure a long lifetime and efficient cleaning power when you need it.

Here are the main costs and considerations when you are thinking of purchasing Electrolux central vacuums.

Replacement Electrolux Bags and Filters

Electrolux central vacuums run best when the bags and filters are regularly checked and replaced. Exact replacement times can vary from system to system, but most households will only need to replace bags and filters every two to three months of use. Bags and filters can be checked at the central unit. If an Electrolux vacuum has lost some of its suction power, then this can be an indication that filters or bags need replacing.

Replacements are readily available from trusted suppliers and Think Vacuums has one of the most extensive collections of Electrolux bags, filters, and accessories available today.

Because central Electrolux systems rely on bags and filters just like a standard vacuum, there is no real increased cost to using one.

Electrolux Central Vacuums Cost of Installation

Electrolux VacuumWith a standard backpack or pull-along vacuum system, you wouldn’t have to worry about installation. However, you would never get the same amount of convenience or power that you can get from a central system.

Many homeowners avoid central systems because they assume that installation would be too expensive. While installation obviously costs more than a vacuum that doesn’t require internal wall tubing, the actual costs are not as bad as most people assume.

Take for example a 4-inlet system used for a moderately sized home. A complete installation kit with hardware, accessories, and the central unit itself can be purchased for under $1200. If you have the DIY skills, then it is possible to get everything connected without the need of a contractor.

Even if you do hire a professional for the job, then the costs would be minimal, as installation can usually be completed in less than a day, depending on the size of your home.

Replaceable Parts Means Longer Lifetime

Another thing to consider when buying Electrolux central vacuums is that you can replace many of the parts of the system. Unlike standalone systems which are often made to be disposable after a certain number of years, an Electrolux central system could last for the lifetime of your home.

Piping can be easily replaced, wands can be replaced and upgraded, and vacuum motors can also be swapped easily. Systems can even be expanded if you decide that you wish to install more wall inlets in your home.

The Cost of Electrolux Central Vacuums is Comparable in Cost to Standard Units

Central vacuum systems sometimes cost more for an initial installation, but the longevity, upgradeability, and serviceability of central systems makes them much better value. In the long term, costs are comparable to standard units, especially when you consider that the average person goes through three or even more vacuum cleaners in their lifetime. By making a single investment, you’ll enjoy lower costs in the future and better cleaning power in your home.

If you’re ready to start exploring the Electrolux central vacuums packages that are available, then Think Vacuums has you covered. With an extensive selection of main units, all-in-one packages, motors, inlets, accessories, and spare parts, you’ll find everything that you need to install, upgrade, or even modify an existing system.

When you want to make an investment in your home with a cleaning system that will last, Electrolux central vacuums are the obvious choice.