Do You Have the Right Tools and Attachments for All Your Cleaning Needs?

There’s nothing like having the right tools for the job whether you’re working on your bathroom faucet or vacuuming the house. Using the best vacuum tools, attachments, and accessories allows you to have cleaner floors, upholstery, and interior air. There are tools common to all types of vacuums, as well as specialized ones for specific types of vacuums and cleaning jobs.

Now is a great time to take an inventory of the cleaning tools you have in your possession. Make a list of what does not work well enough, what is broken, or what additional items are needed to complete all vacuuming tasks in your home or office effectively. NOTE: Cleaning devices are items used in addition to the standard floor cleaning heads and roller brushes. In this blog, we will explore fundamental and specialized tools that do the perfect job.

Frequently Used Upright and Canister Vacuum Cleaner Tools

Upright and canister vacuums are the models you see most often in homes and offices. They do an effective job, though not as good as central vacuums do. Common tools and attachment needed are:

  • Extension Wand
  • Crevice Too
  • Dusting Brush
  • Furniture Tool
An extension wand provides a longer reach for cleaning those farther away places like corners, ceilings, and behind furniture and appliances. This tool saves standing on a stool or ladder or moving bulky items. Depending on how far you want to reach and the situation, you may need a longer-than-standard wand or a flexible wand. Use the crevice tool for getting into tight corners, along baseboards, ceiling and floor vents, and the front edges of couches and reclining chairs. Its thin shape and angled tip are perfect for cleaning out your clothes dryer, around sofa cushions, and the interior of your car. A quality dusting brush is typically round with soft bristles to remove dust and debris from art, window sills, bookcases, blinds, lamps, and other delicate items. It is an often-overlooked tool that should be used frequently. A vacuum attachment pack is not complete without an upholstery tool for your furniture and mattresses. Homeowners often neglect cleaning these two household items but really should clean them regularly. They collect dust, food particles, pet hair, mattress mites, and more. Vacuum the sofa and chair cushions completely on all sides and clean down into the cracks. TIP: Reach down into the cracks first to pull out items that might clog the tool. You may be surprised by what you find. Check out this tip for cleaning under couches and recliners. If you use a canister vacuum, two other tools do a fantastic job: the motorized brush head and a bare floor brush. A motorized brush head or power nozzle attaches to the wand and acts like a rotating brush to clean carpets and simulate an upright appliance. The bare floor brush uses stiff, short bristles to effectively clean fine dust, dirt, and other debris from hard floors.
Bare Floor Tool Blind, Shutter, Fan Stairway Tools Pet Brushes

You Will Appreciate These Specialized Tools

Some areas are difficult to clean in spite of owning the four common tools and attachments. Five other sets of accessories come in handy for specific jobs, including:
  • Blind, Fan, and Shutter Tools
  • Stairway Tools
  • Pet Brushes and Tools
  • Adjustable Adapter
  • Up and Over Tool

If you have blinds, fans, and indoor shutters, tools made especially for cleaning them are a blessing. They are small, lightweight, easily attached, and used to clean areas that many homeowners typically forget about. Stairway tools are small heads that attach to the hose or an extended wand to reach stairs. They eliminate dragging an upright or canister vacuum up and down the stairs every few steps. These tools save your back and neck muscles from tiring.

For those of you with pets, you will find our pet tools to be effective in removing loose and shedding hair, lint, and other debris dogs and cats pick up. Use them for pet beds and anywhere pet hair can be an issue. Adjustable adapters and the Up and Over tool turn your vacuum into a more versatile machine. Adapters let you get into tight and awkward places, and the angle of the Up and Over tool allows cleaning on tops of bookcases and ceiling fans, places everyone has in their homes. Don’t forget about belts, bags, filters, and other accessories needed for regular maintenance.

Use an Online Source for Quality Products at Affordable Prices

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