Retrofitting An Existing Central Vacuum System

Hide-A-Hose - Vacuum ConceptsThe Hide-A-Hose retractable system is housed in PVC tubing using special 45's and 90's sweeps. Pipe runs are fastened in the crawl or attic room. It is then linked to the current system. Our specialist will assess the equipment and power unit needed for the retrofitting process. You will use a 30- to a 60-foot-long hose for the Hide-A-Hose system. 

The longer the hose, the less the number of inlets available, resulting in time savings. There are two types of hoses that are widely used. The SmartSoc hose is socked, while the RapidFlex hose is built without a sock. And according to customer feedback, these hoses are also the strongest. 

There is no assurance that other hose brands can work properly with the Hide-A-Hose. Hose socks can get stained when they come into contact with dusty floors while cleaning. Unlike a normal central vacuum, a Hide-A-Hose machine sock stays clean. 

The vacuum tubing airflow blows out much of the sock's dirt, and residue as the motor operates. Since there is no wiring, it is safe for you to wash the hose when dirty. The hose, like the sock, is extracted from the inlet, cleaned, and dry. The hose is now able to be retracted back into the inlet after this operation.

Where Can I Purchase Hide-A-Hose Use Attachments?

Even if you can perform some vacuum repairs and service without a specialist's assistance, we recommend that you always consult with your supplier for installation, new components, maintenance, and service.

Get specialists who will go far and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Think Vacuums is the finest dealer when it comes to central vacuums. Connect the necessary attachments and continue vacuuming.

The Hide-A-Hose Hose Retraction

Bring all of the hose back to the inlet's original position while the vacuum is still working and all attachments are detached.

  • Adjust the locking mechanism so that it is opened.

  • Place your fingertips or the palm over the end of the hose to carefully adjust the retraction speed. Control the pace until the hose has fully retreated into the inlet.

  • After the hose has been fully reinserted into the inlet, switch off the system.

  • If you use the low voltage switch (B) to switch on the system, you must also use the low voltage when switching it off.

  • Open the battery casement and replace the battery in the RF handle- The battery casement is located just under the metallic nozzle in front of the RF stick. Insert a screwdriver into the slot at the bottom of the battery casement lid and softly pry it upward.

  • Pull out the battery casement- Push the casement straight up, so the batteries are clear after raising the battery lid with the thumb and index finger.

  • Change the battery- Two CR2032 3V lithium-ion batteries are needed for the unit. Push the battery casement back into the handle with your thumb before it locks. You can have to reconfigure the handle after replacing the battery. The RF Handle is an optional thing. There is also a standard handle without RF. 

Reprogramming the RF Handle

Retractable Central Vacuum Hose from Hide-A-HoseUsing a ballpoint marker, press the recessed button on top of the transmitter. The green light should illuminate. Move the handle switch to the ON position when the green light is on. If the control generator does not turn on, turn the handle off and then back on.

Both programs have been erased if the receiver box button is held down before the green light begins to flash. Reprogramme the handle. If the motor keeps failing to start, the receiver needs to be changed.

Troubleshooting your Hide-a-Hose 

If the hose fully exits in the wall, just reinsert it a few centimeters into the inlet, switch on the power unit, and withdraw normally. The hose should not remain in place in the wall. The hose has been known to force the valve door open and break out on its own in some cases.

Contact Think Vacuums for Hide-a Hose Maintenance and Accessories

Whom can I contact for machine maintenance and repair? It's best to get in touch with the dealer who sold you your machine. At Think Vacuums, we have Hide-A-Hose-authorized specialists that will come to your house and assess and restore your device.

Think Vacuum Stores has been the best source for selecting and purchasing the appropriate system attachments.

How do I Get in Touch with Hide-A-Hose?

Think Vacuums is a factory-authorized supplier and we are able to help you with the issues you might be experiencing with your machine. Get in touch with us today when in need of central vac installation, hide a hose troubleshooting, hose genie vs hide a hose or general queries about your vacuum system.