Why Choose Drainvac Little Giant Central Vacuum?

Because of its years of practice and invention, Drainvac vacuum systems have dominated the global industry. It all began with Conrad Sévigny's carpet cleaning service, where he was able to remove stains with simplicity during his sessions. At this time, Sévigny also began designing a prototype for a carpet-cleaning water extractor that was unveiled in 1982. A built-in automated drain technology was used in this carpet-cleaning water extractor. Drainvac, a small family company in St. Hyacinthe, Canada, was established by Conrad Sévigny the same year (1982). Drainvac International Inc. has been a global pioneer by 2006, and it already has a large distribution network in North America in addition to 20 nations across the globe. 

What is the Product Description of Drainvac Little Giant Central Vacuum?

Best Drainvac Little Giant Central VacuumThe Drainvac Little Giant 4 Gallon machine is suitable for users who need a small unit and have minimal room. It is easy to install, easy to work with, easy to vacuum and the greatest thing is that it is cheap. "Big items come in little packets," as the phrase goes, and the Drainvac Little Giant is no different! With its massive efficiency, this small yet mighty vacuum is more than meets the eye. This model was created by Drainvac International to reach and surpass the needs of customers in terms of capacity, efficiency, and durability.

Drainvac Little Giant Quality 

The reliable ABS construction body is designed to last a lifetime and is impervious to slight lacerations in addition to soundproof canisters. High suction quality over a wide surface area is given by motors. DrainVac provides high-performance cleaning services with a twenty-five-year guarantee that have been established through 35-years of experience. The noise from our motor is significantly diminished or even non-existent while mounted away from living areas. Any of our versions are soundproofed and only produce a decibel level of 58.

Drainvac Little Giant’s Power

 The capacity to deliver up to 138 CFM with excellent suction power on any form of material, as well as providing full filtration for allergic and asthmatic patients.  Since the units are so strong, you won't have to clean the same spot twice therefore saving time.

Which DrainVac Should I Get Between Bagless Vs. Bagged?

Each DrainVac model provides high-efficiency cleaning while still requiring adequate waste draining or disposal. Our Hybrid device may be used with or without bags, providing comfort and low maintenance. Regardless of how you use it, the DrainVac is worth the money.

What is Little Giant?

Little giant comes with a four-gallon or nine-gallon volume canister that is built to the same standards as all DrainVac central vacuums. With its 670 Air Watts and 120v engine, this model also comes with a high-performance filtration device capable of cleaning homes up to 4,000 square feet. Drain Vacs are known to have the finest motors. With a cleaning capacity of 148 cubic feet per minute and a water lift of 128 inches, this model is the most efficient.

What is DrainVac’s Filtration and Cleaning Capability?

Drainvac is rated for 4000 Sq ft. The model's superior filtration and cleaning capability enable it to clean every household up to 4,000 square feet without having to clean twice. This version is for you if you want to save energy and cost.

I’m I Guaranteed Warranty after I Purchase DrainVac?

This model has a 25-year guarantee for all steel body components with unbreakable and scratch-resistant fabrics that do not rust, in addition to a four-gallon size canister that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Innovative products

Drainvac manualThe “Automatik” model was produced and developed by Drainvac, and it was the first vacuum cleaning device with a proprietary automated drain. Since all debris picked up is dumped into the sewage system, the canister of this bagless system never has to be emptied. It needs almost no maintenance and can also suck up liquids!

Which Other Products can I get From DrainVac Manufacturers? 

Drainvac manufactures offer a wide range of goods for the domestic, consumer, and industrial markets. Our models come in a variety of sizes and capacities, with or without a container, traditional or liquid-picking capabilities. We often provide unique units for domestic usage as well as various forms of businesses, such as car washes, hotels, restaurants, and industrial settings. There is often a large selection of accessories in stock or only upon request.

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