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Drainvac Central Vacuums

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Drainvac Central Vacuums

Robert Buckwald and Martin Sévigny

One of the largest central vacuum manufacturers - Drainvac International - recently traveled from Canada to the Thinkvacuums store. Martin Sévigny, Drainvac's Vice President and Director of Production, stopped by personally to talk about the latest and greatest coming from Drainvac, and to award Thinkvacuums as the Top Dealer of the Year for Sales and Customer Service. We feel honored to receive this prestigious award. Out of all the internet dealers of vacuums and central vacuums, Drainvac chooses Thinkvacuums exclusively to carry their superior vacuums year after year. Our huge customer base and top-notch customer service continues to impress the head honchos at Drainvac International. What makes the Drainvac company so unique? Is it the impeccable construction of their vacuums? Is it their longevity? Every unit is designed to last 20 years and uses far less energy than almost any other central vacuum on the market.

When Drainvac International got "the call" from the TLC Television Network that they were chosen to be featured on their "healthy home" edition segment, "We couldn't believe that our company was chosen from countless hours of market research and the wealth of information found on Thinkvacuums.com to be the top central vacuum company to be featured," said Martin Sévigny. "We're honored to represent the central vacuum industry and educating consumers about how a central vacuum works and how much it benefits their home and health, as well as adding value to the home itself."

Pictured: Robert Buckwald, Owner of Thinkvacuums (left), Martin Sévigny (right)

Just in, hot off the news press...

Drainvac International was chosen in conjunction with Thinkvacuums, out of every other central vacuum company, by TLC Television Network,to have a whole segment about central vacuums and how they work, how beneficial they are to people who suffer from asthma and allergies, and also will 

go over their Going Green features that highlight. Drainvac's forward-TLCthinking initiative to make their vacuums safer and friendlier to the environment. Keep an eye out on the TLC network for it! It's being produced now and will be aired in the first quarter of next year. We at Thinkvacuums were so shocked and feel very privileged to be a part of this television event. We thank Drainvac for picking us to have it filmed in our neck of the woods and they'll be there with us for the filming.