What Is Basic Maintenance For Drainvac?


Drainvac little giant central vacuum systemThe simple maintenance of a DrainVac Central Vacuum Device is close to that of a standard handheld vacuum: adjusting the bag or, in most situations, clearing the dirt container on the main machine. To do so, twist or unfasten the bottom of the unit, then drain the waste, place a bin container over the edge, and shake the center-weighted fabric filter. Try opening the top of the model and remove the bag when emptying it. Reach up and remove the mesh filter or clean the residue cover on bottom products that do not have a fabric filter. A foam filter can be used in some versions, which can be removed, cleaned, and dried entirely by air.


Electronic specific switches, capacitors, and mini circuit breaker are no longer used (and are seldom available) as replacements. Use one of these solid, reliable, and cost-effective central vacuum circuit boards if your DrainVac Central Vacuum requires a new switch, capacitor, micro breaker, or even a new control board or circuit board. In fact, a central vacuum device just needs a motor and a single circuit board. Some models include several boards or fuses, as well as multiple components that seem to be significant, but they can all be removed and substituted with a single circuit board. A circuit board can be retrofitted quite easily. In less than an hour, an electrician may complete the task.

Verify the amount of motors in your device as well as the amperage specifications to determine the circuit board you require. The Vacuum Motor Circuit Board for Single Motor Units 110 Volt is the most popular board substitution for DrainVac Vacuums, and it will need to be reconfigured. Select one of these Reliable Standardized Circuit Boards from the industry's leading maker for other capacitors and motor setups. Alternatively, you should use the product code and the DrainVac Motor Replacement Parts Guide to determine the circuit board we endorse. As a wiring reference, print and use the broad image of the board.

Why Are Emails sent to remind you to empty your DrainVac Vacuum?

Sign up for free quarterly email updates to prompt you to clean up the dirt from your central vacuum. When your filter is full, your unit's suction is reduced, which makes it operate slower and clean less effectively. Your email address will not be sold or leased, and it will not be used for any other reason. We just want to remind you to keep your DrainVac Central Vacuum operating at peak efficiency.

Do You Need a Vacuum That Last Long? 

If you want something that will last a long time? This Drainvac program can not fail you. This central vacuum is made of durable materials and is resistant to both liquid and dry substances.

  • Suction power is guaranteed.
  • The interior is composed of rust-resistant polystyrene and is corrosion-free.
  • There is no need to use a bag or filter.
  • Automatic Residential Set

This licensed Drainvac central vacuum system takes care of everything. It accepts all dry and wet liquids and immediately drains them into your sanitary tubing. Everything you have to do now is connect the hose to one of your inlets and begin washing. Put the hose away until you're done.

Drainvac central vacuums accessoriesThat's how easy it is to keep the Automatic Series safe. Any home would look great with it.

  • Vacuuming both dry and wet
  • Water contamination may be vacuumed up, and carpets, flooring, vehicle interiors, and other surfaces may be cleaned.
  • There is no need for some post-cleaning repairs.
  • The tank does not need washing.
  • Suction power is superior.
  • Drainage is achieved automatically.
  • The suction strength is almost 15% higher than every other vacuum system in the genre.
  • They're tiny and easy to deal with.
  • These vacuum cleaners have an antibacterial filter built in, as well as wide bags for quick dust collection and better air quality.
  • The noise levels of the Drainvac central vacuum systems are extremely low.
  • Large-capacity bags are available on versions in this range, which ensures you'll only have to upgrade them once a year.
  • Drainvac central vacuum systems come in a variety of versions to fit a variety of applications, households, and budgets.

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