Do you Need DrainVac Central Vacuum and Drainvac Accessories that Lasts?

Drainvac little giant central vacuum systemYou will need a long-lasting central vacuum. Drainvac's dependable vacuum systems come in a variety of models, including traditional, bagged or bagless, lightweight or high size, and those that can also suck up liquids. Do you need a one-of-a-kind product or service for your company? These personalized vacuum systems may be made to meet the specific requirements.

Have you ever experienced a condition that necessitated the use of more than one form of vacuum? It's easy to clean all of the dust and debris from your floor before you come across a damp area. There may have been a flood because the carpets are still soaked. By adding a multi-use Drainvac central vacuum with liquid removal capability, you can get rid of the need for a shop-vac to suck up all the water.

Drainvac was founded in 1982 in Canada, and it was the first company to design a central vacuum cleaner with an automatic drain. Vacuum cleaners come in a range of shapes and sizes, with some cleverly made to suck up water. It's as simple as vacuuming dust with a Drainvac to clear up damp places. The systems are mounted and attached directly to your main drain, so there is no need to empty them.

Drainvac also has versions that will empty the backed-up sink, making working with a clogged drain an easier and safer way. In a Drainvac wet capacity vacuum, a mixture of polyethylene and stainless steel components stops rust from emerging. 

Soundproofed canisters are used with Drainvac central vacuums to further reduce noise emissions. To help ensure a dust-free environment, units are equipped with air filters and external exhaust ventilation. Drainvac provides options to help you get the job done if you need the extreme strength of a two-motor built-in vacuum or a standard one.

There are several various brands and styles of central vacuum cleaners available today for both domestic and industrial use. Retractable hoses and caps, as well as advanced heads for various forms of flooring and carpeting, are all available for central vacuums. Instead of lugging around a bulky motor to clean your room, invest in a high-quality central vacuum that can clean several surfaces.

Call the Think Vacuum experts to address the cleaning specifications, and we'll assist you in choosing a dependable vacuum that will last for several years.

What Are the  Features of the Twin Turbo DrainVac?

The DrainVac twin turbo central vacuum cleaners are recognized around the world for their industry-leading success in any category. Nothing else compares to the DrainVac Sadie DV-SADIE-27P when it comes to suction efficiency. You'll be taken aback by the suction power!

Efficient Suction

Two highly efficient motors work in tandem to provide unbeatable suction efficiency. With strong, reliable suction and airflow, you'll be able to finish the job quickly and effectively.

40 years of R&D

DrainVac devices have more than 40 years of research and production. DrainVac builds on this expertise in the creation and refinement of each device, which covers 36 countries and a broad client base that encompasses residential, business, and industrial customers. You can get a quality one from Think Vacuums stores.

Advanced Audio Insulation

The DV-SADIE-27P is a beast in disguise that is quiet while in action. Suction power gets things done without upsetting the family, animals, or neighbors!

Multi Stage Filtration

Twin turbo vacuumFiltration for contaminants of all types is achieved using a multi-ply cloth bag and an extra-large woven cotton filter. The easy-to-empty bag makes it simple to store and properly dispose of the dust gathered. Silver Clear anti-microbial technology is also used in the filter.

A ten-year warranty

DrainVac vacuum cleaners are designed to the highest quality in Canada and come with a 10-year residential guarantee. The machine shell is made of polypropylene and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Unbreakable Casing 

The system's airtight shell is designed of unbreakable Polypropylene and comes with a lifetime guarantee. There is no rust, no leaks, and no reverberations.

Where Can I Get the Best DrainVac Twin Turbo Central Vacuums?

Do not wonder where to get the best vacuum cleaner since Think Vacuum is here for you. We ensure that you get a quality vacuum cleaner where you will never regret. Call us today to speak to our team of experts.

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