How Does DrainVac Viper Central Vacuum Systems Work?

Best central vacuum systemsThis Viper Shovelnose is a heavy-duty, all-around wet/dry vacuum that is a must-have for floor washing and refinishing jobs. The front squeegee's height is controlled by a foot-operated lever in the back, allowing you to raise it out of the way quickly.  On-board storage makes it simple to grab a variety of cleaning tools for any job. The Viper wet/dry vacuum unique double front squeegee enables you to use it in either forward or reverse mode, channeling the solution to the central water hose.

If you're going to clean up the stripper, don't let it dry inside the machine. The machine will eventually fail as a result of this. Before storing, every time thoroughly rinse with clear water.

The non-marking grey wheels protect your hard floors from the black scuff marks which black transport wheels can consider leaving. These same large wheels make it simple to get up and downstairs.

A 6-piece tool and accessory kit is included. Don't forget to look through our other wet dry vacuums to identify one that best suits your needs.

Efficiency, ingenuity, and innovation are all words that come to mind when thinking about DrainVac Central Vacuum Systems

The first vacuum cleaning machine with a developed automated drain was designed and created with great performance. The Drainvac automatic device will empty a clogged sink in seconds because the systems are so efficient.

For central vacuum systems, this company has some of the greatest canisters online. They are constructed of polyethylene, with sections made of stainless steel or galvanized, all of which are unbreakable and rust-resistant.

The noise from the engine is significantly diminished or even eliminated as it is mounted further from living areas. Any of our versions are soundproofed and only produce a decibel level of 58.

What are the DrainVac VacReel Reviews?

The VacReelTM has been on the market for a while now, and we've received a lot of positive reviews. Anthony Analetto, President of Sonny's Machinery Group, has released one in particular. Anthony speaks about the most innovative systems and equipment that will increase cleaning efficiency and ease cleaning for a car wash company at the Car Wash Display in Nashville, Tennessee.

DrainVac Central Vacuum Systems are a form of central vacuum cleaner that uses compressed air to remove dirt

Power and Innovation – 35 years of experience has led to the creation of high-performance cleaning solutions.

DrainVac invented the world's first ducted wet/dry system in 1982, and since then, the company's product line has expanded to provide products for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. The DrainVac Kudos offers the greatest cleaning power for being completely automated and capable of vacuuming liquids, solids, and particles. We also provide a variety of dry systems, and our whole residential line comes with an industry-leading 10-year guarantee.

Drainvac sells a wide range of items in addition to the Automatik ones. Models vary in size from small to big, with bagged and bagless choices, as well as traditional and liquid-picking models. Drainvac also has specialist units for domestic usage as well as numerous forms of industries, such as car washes, hotels, restaurants, and industrial settings.

What are the Specifications of DrainVac Central Vacuum Systems?

Best central vacuum systemsLarge, grey rear wheels make it easier to get up and downstairs and into tight spaces.

3-piece extension wands, 9-foot flex hose, reusable "bubble-busting" filter to reduce foam, tank filter, crevice tool, internal cloth filter for dry vacuuming, wet & dry pickup tools and dusting brush are all included in DrainVac Central Vacuum Systems.

The 50-foot yellow safety power cord is long enough to clean a large area.

3-year parts warranty, 8-year housing warranty, 2-year labor warranty, and 180-day travel warranty.

All devices and gadgets have efficient onboard storage, guaranteeing you have what you require when you need it.

Ingenuity, imagination, ingenuity, and professionalism are all qualities of the Drainvac brand. With over 35 years of practice, in-depth expertise, and enthusiasm, we are able to have the most comprehensive and high-performing systems on the market today. 

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