DuoVac Air 10 Central Vacuum Review

Are you interested in obtaining a central vacuum system? Without a doubt, a central vacuum system is quite an investment, but it is worth it due to its ease of use and practicality. If you are tired of repeatedly pulling bulky and heavy vacuums around your house, getting a central cleaning system might be the right decision. It is slightly more expensive, but it is much easier to handle in large homes.

Obtaining a central vacuum systemRemarkably, the DuoVac Air 10 stands out as one of the best central vacuum systems. It is a modern machine created to make your cleaning experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Please take a moment to read about its features, Design, Size & Dimensions, and Suction power.

Duo Vacuum Features

One of its key features is the double filtration system. This filtration system traps even the tiniest of particles, ensuring that they stay within the unit. As such, the double filtration system is ideal for allergy-prone people and pet owners. The Duo Vacuum features LED Status Instructions for more comfortable use. Therefore, you will not have an issue, even if you never had a similar unit. Additionally, the vacuum has ergonomically designed handles with integrated latches for some added comfort and convenience.


The DuoVac is not any different from other similar central vacuum units when it comes to design. This one might be a bit more compact than most vacs, although the general design remains the same. The high-end design allows for easier installation since it does not take up much space. It is easy to install, even if you do not have as much storage in your home. The unit looks modern – it has a light grey color and black details.

Size and Dimensions

Best central vacuum systemsRight off the bat, it is worth noting that the Duo Vacuum Air 10 Central Vacuum is larger than most standalone vacuums. It is common for these units to be bigger. Therefore, it would be best to have some space for it. This central vac system is compact and is 22.5 inches tall. It also has a diameter of about 11.4 inches and weighs 17 pounds.

Suction power

The Duo Vacuum Air 10 provides enough power and suction to tackle just about any cleaning task. Its motor produces up to 694 air watts of suction and more than 137 CMFs. That should be sufficient to pick up dust, pet hair, dander, sand, rice, kibble, kitty litter, and other such pieces. Bear in mind that its suction differs depending on how far away the unit is. In other words, you might notice suction power loss if there is a lot of hose between the head and the cleaner.

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