How is the Duovac Air50 Central Vacuum With Low Voltage Premium Kit?

The claim is true! The Air 50 demonstrates that a central vacuum device may be both massive and unobtrusive. This device is the quietest in its category thanks to its proprietary technology. A benefit that only Duovac can get! DuoVac Air 50 Central Vacuum provides the best and quality services to your home and you will never regret when you purchase one.

What Will I Find Inside the DuoVac Air 50 Central Vacuum?

DuoVac Air 50 Central Vacuum

  • No Walls to HANG, Just Doors (By AAAVacuum)
  • Duovac Premium Low Voltage Accessory Kit
  • Hose hanger
  • Complete accessory kit with flexible low-voltage hose and combo tool plus parquet twister floor brush
  • Pivoting brush 30cm (12”)
  • Deluxe crevice tool
  • Button lock chrome telescopic wand
  •  Accessory bag
  • Round brush
  • Wand hanger
  • Low voltage hose, button lock gas pump handle
  •  Upholstery brush

Which Are The Most Important Features of DuoVac Air 50 Central Vacuum?

  • Power supply for an ultra-quiet engine

  • Superior air quality is ensured by a high-performance filtration device.

  • Hybrid system: you have the option of using it with or without a filtration bag. It provides a double-filtration for unmatched air quality and avoids interaction with dirt and allergens when used with a filtering bag.

  • Both parts and labor on the Duovac Air 50 model are covered by a 5-year warranty, and the motor is covered by a 25-year warranty.

  • Exceptionally high potential (42.3 litres) fresh ergonomic handles with integrated latches for easy operation on polished aluminum canister

Other Important features include

DuoVac Air 50 Central Vacuum parts

  • The suction capacity that is unparalleled
  • Innovative ideas that has been patented
  • 8 inlet valves or 8000ft2 maximum
  • 134 inch H20 Waterlift power suction
  • 657 Airwatts
  • Intelligent progressive start and stop circuit board
  • 9.5 gallons dirt capacity
  • LED display indicator for status and required maintenance
  • Bagless or hybrid bag technology central vacuum unit
  • Ultra large dirt capacity power unit
  • DuoVac Air50 A50-170i-NA-D central vacuum system by Nuera Air
  • Ultra quiet in operation, 55 decibels only
  • Permanent washable DuoFib polypropylen HEPA filter
  • Comprises wall fixtures as well as bracket, 1 dust bag and 1 DuoFib filter and low voltge wiring connectors
  • Lifetime warranty, 25 years
  • Lamb Ametek 2 stages 7.2″ Bypass motor

Module Of Intelligence And Light

For improved motor durability, there is a convenient maintenance indicator with LED and incorporated guidance, as well as soft start/stop features.

Duo Acoustic

Engine with low noise emission technology. Noise control device for an integrated design.

Silpure machine washable antibacterial permanent filter is a modern generation of antibacterial treatment that inhibits the development of bacteria on the permanent filter and avoids the spread of germs that trigger odors. The SILPURE treatment is all-natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Filtration In A Hybrid Mode

DuoVac Air 50 Central Vacuum bag It's possible to do it with or without the filtration bag. It conducts a double-filtration for unsurpassed air quality when used with a Duovac disposable filtration bag.

Dust Container With A Large Capacity

Big, ultralight brushed aluminum canister with ergonomic handles and integrated latches for easy use, reducing the frequency of cleaning.

Do DuoVacs Come With  a Warranty?

Your Duovac power machine is protected by a 25-year warranty against malfunction and/or physical faults. For the first five years, labor expenses associated with warranty maintenance are often covered. The warranty would not include consumables like motor carbon brushes or filtration bags. Such repairs or servicing must be carried out by a Duovac-certified technician. The owner is responsible for all expenses associated with routine repairs. Discuss the warranty sheet provided with your Duovac product's box, or call your point of sales or our customer support for more information about warranty coverage.

Cleaning becomes simpler and more effective with a Duovac central vacuum device. In a shorter period of time, you'll be out of the domestic chore and able to concentrate on the most meaningful aspects of your life. Our Duovac devices are unquestionably the finest quality central vacuum systems available, engineered and developed by a team of enthusiastic and trained professionals, ensuring the best-value central vacuum device on the market over the past 50 years and for decades to come!

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