How Does Dynamic Distinction of DuoVac Central Vacuum Work?

Duovac model 3200DuoVac Distinction needs a 220v power source.  It's just about the power with the DuoVac Distinction! The Distinction is equipped with two motors to have the most powerful cleaning efficiency. Dust isn't getting an opportunity. Two motors combine to generate 1100 Air Watts of electricity. For superior air quality, a high-performance filtration device is used.  The filter machine is washable and protected against odor-causing bacteria with silpure, a natural antimicrobial. silpure utilizes silver's natural properties to inhibit the development of a broad variety of bacteria.

A hybrid device that can be used with or without a filtration bag is available. It conducts a double-filtration when used with a filtration bag, resulting in clearer air and less interaction with dust and allergens. The brushed aluminum canister has a wide volume (42 liters) and ergonomic handles with integrated latches for easy use. We consider using the filtration bag because it holds the filter clean because it's as easy as dumping the whole bag out and swapping it with a fresh bag when it's time to clear the canister. There's no need to worry about dust and ashes.

High-end appearance The canister's all-metal/all-aluminum layout dissipates heat and avoids dust accumulation generated by static electricity.

There is no need for a muffler since the engine and canister are very silent.

Both parts of the power plant are covered by a 25-year warranty, which includes a 5-year labor warranty.

A one-of-a-kind central vacuum device with excellent suction strength and efficiency.

Style that is exclusive

Superior air quality is ensured by a high-performance filtration device.

A hybrid device that can be used with or without a filtration bag is available. It executes a double filtration for unmatched air quality and avoids interaction with dust and pathogens when used with a filtration bag.

It has a large storage space and Easy-to-operate 42-liter brushed aluminum canister with ergonomic handles and compatible latches

Suitable for all types of homes

Does Dynamic Distinction DuoVac have a Secure Checkout guarantee?

Suction control is absolutely superior with this ultra-powerful double motor system with a high-performance unit (1100 AirWatts combined with 210 inches of waterlift). For improved motor longevity, this device includes an intelligent electronic module with LED indicator and soft start/stop feature.

It has a top-of-the-line finish that is of excellent performance. For unrivaled suction capacity, this new device is fitted with two unique 3-stage motors installed in series.

Duovac partsIt is operated by a 15-amp, 220-240-volt (60-Hz) electric circuit. It's a hybrid device that can work with or without a filtration bag. A machine-washable filter with a Silpure antibacterial coating is used in the filtration cage for improved air quality.

Filtration with maximum reliability: When used with a 30 l Duovac disposable filtration bag, it conducts a double-filtration for superior air quality. Big, ultralight brushed aluminum canister (42.3 l) with ergonomic handles and integrated latches for ease of use.

The all-metal, long-lasting structure dissipates heat and avoids bacteria-causing dust accumulation.

Cleaning becomes simpler and more effective with a DuoVac Distinction Central Vacuum device. In a shorter period of time, you'll be out of the domestic chore and able to concentrate on the most meaningful aspects of your life. Our DuoVac Distinction Central Vacuum devices are unquestionably the finest quality central vacuum systems available, engineered and developed by a team of enthusiastic and trained professionals, ensuring the best-value central vacuum device on the market over the past 50 years and for decades to come!

Both residential and commercial vacuum cleaners are available. We specialize in high-quality central vacuums, canister, upright, stick, and portable vacuums, as well as more compact alternatives to suit your budget. Whatever your floor cleaning needs are, whether they are for your house, company, or industry, we have the right vacuum to meet them. Take the time to speak with one of our experienced professionals, who can assist you in selecting the best model for your cleaning requirements and budget.

Where Can I Purchase A DuoVac Distinction Central Vacuum?

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Ergonomic handles

Silpure antibacterial