Looking for DuoVac Star Plus Central Vacuum?

Duovac star central vacuumThe DuoVac Star is a one-of-a-kind central vacuum device with superior suction capacity, outstanding efficiency, and a cutting-edge layout. The Star, with its 756 Air Watts of electricity, is ideal for any house. For superior air quality, a high-performance filtration device is used. The filter is machine washable and protected against odor-causing bacteria with Silpure, a natural antimicrobial. Silpure utilizes silver's natural properties to inhibit the development of a broad variety of bacteria.

A hybrid device that can be used with or without a filtration bag is available. It operates a double-filtration when used with a filtering bag, resulting in clearer air and less interaction with dust and irritants. The polished aluminum canister has a wide volume (33.8 liters) and durable handles with adjustable clamps for simple use. We consider using the filtration bag because it holds the filter clean because it's as easy as dumping the whole bag out and swapping it with an empty bag when it's time to clear the canister. There's no need to worry about dirt and dust.

  • High-end appearance 
  • The canister's all-metal/all-aluminum design reduces heat and avoids dust accumulation generated by static electricity.
  • There is no need for a muffler since the engine and canister are very silent.
  • Both parts of the power plant are covered by a 25-year warranty, which includes a 5-year labor warranty.
  • A one-of-a-kind central vacuum device with excellent suction strength and efficiency.
  • Design that is unique
  • Superior air quality is ensured by a high-performance filtration device.
  • A hybrid device that can be used with or without a filtration bag is available. It performs a dual filtration for unmatched air quality and avoids contamination with dust and irritants when used with a filtration bag.
  • Large size 33.8l polished aluminum canister with integrated latches and ergonomic handles for easy operation
  • Suitable for all types of homes

The Wessel Werk package, made in Germany! When you use a Wessel Werk electric brush, you won't have to rely on manual cleanliness! When full-time electric power is used to agitate the floor board, deep-down, heavy-duty cleaning is achieved. Never worry about a lack in suction causing a reduction in efficiency again.

The Soft Clean powerhead is suitable for all carpet styles. The package comes with a hose with a 3-way switch for full regulation of the suction and powerhead functions. It is offered in 30' and 35' hose lengths.

Height may be adjusted It's fast to turn from the powerhead to the floor brush with the simple detach wand.

Why Choose Duovac star Central Vacuum?

Headlight with LEDs

LED Headlights are very robust and long-lasting, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs with a high performance have superior lighting.

Adjustment of Height

The one-of-a-kind height adjustable pedal has five different carpet height levels. Almost all carpet stacks, densities, and thicknesses can be accommodated by the EBK 360 height change.

Orifice with a Large Intake

Reduces the risk of clogging while still rising air flow for increased performance. The sculpted chevron brush roll directs debris into the intake orifice; creates continuous and even brush interaction with the floor; and decreases wear and extends the existence of the belt, bearings, engine, and other moving parts.

Included Accessories

Quality Duovac star plus central vacuum

  • Crevice, Dusting, upholstery tools
  • Height adjustable integrated power wand
  • Wessel Werk EBK360 Soft Clean powerhead
  • 12' floor brush
  • Hose hanger
  • 30' or 35' 3-way 110v /24v hose

Product Features

  • Permanent polypropylene filter washable and dryable using washing and drying machine.
  • Compatible with DuoVac Performance 3230,
  • DuoVac DuoFib replacement central vacuum filter.
  • Swivel neck for easy steering and maneuverability
  • Headlight
  • 5 level height adjustment for all types of floors
  • 30' or 35' 3-way 110v /24v hose
  • Fiberglass belt for long belt life

For DuoVac Star Plus Central Vacuum, the Active HEPA coal activated exhaust filter is compatible with all brands and styles of central vacuums. Its aim is to filter dust and particles that may be emitted via the central vacuum system's exhaust port and prevent them from being reintroduced into the living area. It often eliminates some odours emanating from the central vacuum device using its coal-activated method.

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