The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum


  • The Dyson V8 and V7 Motorhead 

Dyson vacuum rangeCompared to the traditional corded counterparts, cordless vacuums are more expensive and last for a shorter period. Most cordless vacuums have a short battery life, thus not convenient for large cleaning jobs. However, if convenience is what you are looking for, it is time you went cord-free. There is a model that will fit your budget and suit your home. You might like the Dyson V8 or V7 Motorhead.

Though they are expensive, Dyson stick vacuums are among the top vacuums for cleaning thick rugs and collecting stubborn debris. The V7 or V8 is powerful and gives you value for your money. However, the Dyson V7 is the most affordable of the Dyson cordless vacuums. For larger homes, the V8 models have longer battery life and are more powerful cleaners, with the V8 Absolute coming with a variety of attachments.

 The Dyson cordless vacuums' demerits are their heavyweight and power switch that triggers the vacuum, causing discomfort for extended cleaning sessions. However, compared to other brands that fall within the same price range, the Dyson sticks are best suited for cleaning rugs. Their battery life is enough for one cleaning session of an apartment and other smaller houses.

  • The Dyson V11

Apart from the long battery life the Dyson V11 has, it has some interesting, smart features and is the most potent cordless choice- even stronger than some corded vacuums. With crucial information such as the projected battery life displayed on the LCD, you do not have to worry that it might abruptly run out of power. The LCD display gives you guidelines on troubleshooting and maintenance reminders.

The Dyson V11 has a suction system that automatically adjusts as you clean. There is a newer version of the V11, which unlike the older versions that had built-in batteries, it has a removable one. This means that you can have a fully charged battery on standby, and if the power drains out, you will just switch the batteries instead of waiting for it to charge. The Dyson V11 is expensive, and we cannot guarantee that it is the most reliable vacuum, but it is a worthy purchase for your home.

Should I Get a Cordless Vacuum?

Dyson cord-free vacuum cleanerCarrying a heavy cleaning tool around the house is a nightmare for most people. You may dread the experience so much that you no longer vacuum your home regularly. The fact that a wire limits your movement does not make it any better. If you are tired of these experiences, just go cordless!

Cordless vacuums allow you the mobility you desire, and most of the models are lightweight and compact. It is relatively easy to maneuver on the stairs and between furniture. They come with charging docks that can be easily mounted to the wall, so storage is not a problem. Without a cord plugged into an outlet and all the troubles that come with it, cleaning just got better!

The cordless models have been in the market for a long time, but the earlier models were only built to handle smaller vacuuming tasks. With the improved models widely available, they have become common in many households in the US. With a reliable model, daily vacuuming your house will no longer be a problem. You can now enjoy a clean and fresh interior.

Modern cordless stick vacuums are designed to suit different cleaning needs, from low pile to high pile carpets, pet hair, and heavy debris; you can get one that is suitable for your home. Battery life should be the least of your worries since there are models that pack enough power to handle your home vacuuming.

Most cordless stick vacuums can convert into handheld vacuums to conveniently clean your car, upholstery, and even the cobwebs on your ceiling.

Maintaining a cordless vacuum is not a difficult task. Most cordless vacuums are bagless, and their brush belts and filters can last for the vacuum's full life. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble, allowing you to remove any clogs easily.

Where Can I Get the Suitable Cordless Vacuum for my Home?

Think Vacuums stocks the best models of cordless stick vacuums. With our range of vacuums, you will definitely find one that is suitable for your home. If you can't choose from the wide variety, our experts are ready to advise you on the right pick for you.

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