Dyson Upright Vacuum

Dyson Upright Vacuum kitDyson has a vast product line-up of vacuums, mostly in four different shapes, and it keeps older models in creation as newer ones oust them. Embellished with discounts, the vacuums move nearer down the ranking to entry-level models up until they ultimately go out of production. You can find older types for sale at profound discounts even after Dyson stops manufacturing them.

It's hard to tell with countless models that frequently share similar language on their particular product pages. You might think that the Big Ball is top of the line, no? Also, you would think V8 is newer since it's one number higher than the V7, right? This is wrong. This article will help you make sense of Dyson's confusing catalog.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

What gets all the attention, and in most instances should, is stick vacuums. Weighing just above 5 pounds and cordless, they're easy to handle and maneuver. Dyson's latest version has a chip that changes the cleaning mode based on the floor and conditions automatically. 

At the top of the vacuum is the LCD screen that shows the condition of the filter, the battery life, and warnings for when you require to wash the filter or clear a blockage. The V11 Torque drive has 85 percent more suction power than the previous V7 model.

Dyson V8

The V8 was not recommended before since you could typically find the better V10 for almost the same price, but recently, it's turned out to be easy to get the V8 on sale for $300 or a smaller amount. It's currently a top-budget choice.

Indeed, it's hard to say "$300 vacuum" and "budget" in the same breath but it changes into a hand vac by taking away the long tube, so you'll save cash by not requiring two separate vacuums like all Dyson stick vacs. 

It's somewhat stronger than the cheaper V7, which also retails for around $300 nowadays, and it has a 40-minute runtime as opposed to the V7's 30 minutes. Dyson has innumerable sub-models for each of its vacuums with diverse blends of tools, though all three of the V8's sub-models—Absolute, Animal Pro+, and Absolute Pro—are adequately equipped and comprise at least the wide brush, crack dusting brush, motor-powered brush attachments, and directly-driven roller head.

Dyson Cyclone V10

If the V11 is too expensive, the Cyclone V10 is an inordinate substitute that's also an improvement from the V7 and V8. For $400, it offers you 55 percent more force over the V7, pairs the run period to an hour, and has a 40 percent larger dust bin, so you don't have to keep going to the dustbin often.

It also traps 99.97 percent of elements 0.3 microns and more, a characteristic shared with all succeeding Dysons irrespective of sub-model or model.

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum

Dyson Animal upright vacuumIf you reside in a confined home, such as an apartment or trailer, you may become sick of putting a stick vac into close-fitting places. Canister vacuums allow for more movability by only having to exert a thin suction tube, providing you don't mind occasionally moving the canister. Dyson's kinetic expertise implies that there are no filters to replace or wash, and it also has HEPA-grade filtration for trapping allergens and most particulate matter.

Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld

The V7 Trigger does not have the long canister from the V7 cordless stick type but is just the same. If you now have a Dyson upright vacuum and only require a hand-held, like for the couch, you can save cash with this model. There's also a precise Car + Boat type with more add-ons, such as a car charger.

Finding The Best Best Dyson Upright Vacuum 2021

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