Best Dyson Vacuum Stick

Dyson V7 Motorhead- Cordless Convenience, Great on Carpets

Best stick vacuum At just a low price, Dyson sticks are far greater at cleaning carpets than the cordless vacuums of any other brand. Dyson V7 base model has sufficient battery life to vacuum many rooms on a full charge, and some smaller rooms

For the money, Dyson stick vacuums are stronger than that of any other cordless vacuum for cleaning carpets, and it is not in competition with other brands.   The heavier the carpet and the more clinging the debris, the greater the benefit that Dyson has. Usually, the entry-level V7 Motorhead is the most economical choice for cordless Dysons, but for the right price, either of the V7 or V8 versions may be a fantastic deal. (The V8 models both have extra battery life and a little more cleaning power; the V8 Absolute is one of our favorite variations because it comes with a lot of handy external equipment and is always on sale.) Typical Dyson stick concerns involve a limited battery life, high cost, and efficiency of the power, but all cordless vacuums are true of those same things. The control is one real Dyson drawback: These vacuums are top-heavy and have a control switch in the trigger-style, which may render them difficult to use during a long cleaning period.

Dyson V10 Animal

The second variant of the Dyson is V10 Animal. It comes with almost the same accessories and characteristics, plus an equally wide dust container, as most of the Dyson brands.  The greatest distinction is that it does not have the soft roller head of Dyson. You also have the right head for multi-surface washing, however. If you have animals and/or you mostly have carpets in your house, you can get the V10 Animal.

The most basic variant of the V10 is the V10 Motorhead. It contains only necessary accessories and has a much smaller dust bin (however, battery, power, and suction are all the same). The main distinction is that the Torque Drive cleaning head is not present, which only contains the marginally inferior Direct Drive cleaning head (which is what the Dyson V8 comprises). If you mainly have carpets and do not have animals, you can get the V10 Motorhead.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Excellent cleaning, smart features

This high-end Dyson cleans carpets faster than many plug-ins as well, and for most houses, and has plenty of battery life. Some versions have an LCD which gives information that is beneficial.

Dyson v10The Dyson V11 is the best cordless vacuum that you may find, and certain plug-ins are also out-cleaned. To make the best of already-generous battery life, such as an automatic suction-adjustment system, it has certain smart functionality. The Torque Drive and Outsize models also have an LCD monitor, which includes some very helpful information, such as an approximation of real-time battery life (to help overcome battery problems), plus directions for troubleshooting and servicing alerts that are simple to understand. Yeah, the V11 is fairly costly and it could also be difficult to handle, and we're not convinced it's more accurate than cheaper sticks.  But one of our favorite vacuums, especially the Torque Drive version, is still Dyson11. Heads-up on the battery: units installed after spring 2020 use click-in batteries that are replaceable. Older units use built-in kits, and there are already plenty of such vacuums in storage across the US. But if you don't purchase directly from a trusted supplier, you can't be sure which kind of battery you are having. Contact Think Vacuum for more advice.

Raw power. Power. The Dyson V11 is capable of producing Boost mode suction strength of up to 185 AW. It is the second biggest suction on the market on any cordless stick vacuum (to the best of our knowledge).

Smart Suction. Intelligent Depending on the floor and debris type, the V11 changes the suction automatically. You will always have the correct amount of suction with this feature.

The Intellectual Functionality. There is an LCD screen on the back of the vacuum that shows the remaining cleaning period, cleaning mode, and offers brief videos for maintenance.

Click the Battery icon. The configuration of all V11 versions was revised by Dyson in late 2020 to include a click-in battery. While only 1 battery is included in the V11, you can still install another one to stretch the runtime much further.

The operation period.  It is capable of operating for up to 60 minutes, more than enough for most houses.

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