Prolong the Life of Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson vacuum cleaners, unlike their bag-less counterparts, are easy to maintain and service. Dyson vacuum parts are available at the local authorized Dyson dealer, so replacing brush rolls, motors, filters, and power nozzles have been made easier. If you prefer doing your repairs, Think Vacuums has all the replacement parts for the various Dyson models, and our experts will also advise you accordingly. For those who need an expert to fix it, our technicians are here for you. 

Tips on How to Prolong the Life of Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Empty the Canister Often  

Dyson HEPA filter replacementTo retain maximum suctioning power for your vacuum, you should ensure that you regularly empty the bin. Do not let the dirt get past the "Max" or "Full" mark on the canister. The mark is in the middle and not at the top of the bin because effective vacuuming requires proper airflow. Too much dirt in the canister can lead to clogging, motor overheating, and eventually malfunctioning your vacuum.

Service the Roller Brush

While vacuuming your home, the roller brush may be entangled by threads and fur collected from the surfaces. An entangled roller brush leads to slow and ineffective cleaning power, broken belts, and worn-out motors. To ensure that your vacuum is functioning to its maximum, clean the hair and threads from the bearings, drive gears, and bristles. 

Cord Care

If your cable is frayed or coiled or the plug ends broken, replacing it is the best step—most of the damages on the cord result from mishandling. Once you have finished vacuuming, switch off the cleaner and unplug while holding the plug head. Wrap the cable loosely while making sure that it does not get coiled up.

How to Maintain your Vacuum Filter

Dyson filters are made to trap the tiniest particles. After a few cleaning sessions, the particles can block the filter pores, reducing your vacuum cleaner's suction power due to reduced airflow. You can easily clean most Dyson filters with water.

How to clean your vacuum filter

To keep your Dyson vacuum running perfectly, clean your filter at least once a month. Use the following easy steps to clean your filters:

1. Take out the filters from the Dyson vacuum.

2. Remove the dust

Tap the filter gently on the side of the canister to shake off the loose debris and dust.

3. Wash the filter

With warm running water, clean the filter as you gently rub it with your hands. Please do not use any detergents.

4. Shake it firmly

Fill the filter with warm running water. Cover both ends with your hands and shake to loosen and remove the dirt, open to release the water, and add clean water. Repeat this step until all dirt is removed, then shake off the excess water.

5. Leave it to dry for one day or more.

How to replace a Dyson filterAfter washing your filter, keep it where there is maximum airflow, such as near an open window or a fan. Wet filters could damage your vacuum motor, so it is essential to ensure that it is well dried before putting it back into the vacuum.

Do not use a tumble dryer or direct heat to dry the filter. Check carefully to ensure that both the pleated post-motor HEPA and sponge pre-motor filter are completely dry.

Buy a genuine extra filter

Having an extra filter allows you to continue vacuuming your house while giving the cleaned filter enough time to dry. When purchasing the filter, make sure it is a Dyson filter. Using genuine replacement parts ensures that your machine continues functioning to the maximum and the warranty is intact.

Dyson Service

The frequency of servicing depends on the types of surfaces, whether you have pets, among other things. For heavy vacuum cleaning jobs, the machine should be serviced after no more than 12 months, while light users should ensure theirs are serviced every 24 to 48 months. Pet owners should ensure their vacuums are serviced every 12 to 24 months.

You do not require much knowledge to service a Dyson machine, but some complex tasks need a professional touch. We are known for our top customer service and experience in handling repairs. Bring your Dyson vacuum for servicing at Think Vacuums. Our services are quick and professional.

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