Troubleshooting and Repairing your Electrolux Central Vacuum

Electrolux Central Vacuum OverheatingThe central vacuum system is a competent cleaner that offers convenience, ease of cleaning and eliminates the hassle of having to push or pull around the entire cleaner. While it provides all this convenience and advantages over other cleaners, you will sometimes notice that it is not working right or the suction power seems a bit off. 

You will need to assess the power unit to determine if the problem lies with the power unit or it could be a result of a clog. If the suction at the unit seems to be ok, then there has to be a clog in the hose or the pipes.

  • Is The Dirt Bag Almost Full?

One cause of low suction is usually the dirtbag. Check if your bag is more than three-quarters full and change it. Once the new bag is in place, test the unit once more to determine whether the problem has been taken care of 

  • Is The Filters Debris Free?

If changing the bag still does not resolve the issue, check if the screen, foam filter, and cloth filter are dirt-free and have not accumulated any debris. Some models have other filters besides the main ones and if these appear clogged, change or clean them and then test the unit again. If filter clog was the problem, it should work at this point. 

  •  Are the Power Unit Gaskets Working?

Are the power unit gaskets in good condition? Are they working fine? If the power unit gaskets have been installed wrongly, or are not working fine, it could lead to low suction. There is a gasket that connects the vacuum body to the bottom-emptying buckets and if it is wrongly installed, could cause a problem.

  •  Faulty Central Vacuum Motor

If the system you use for your home uses two motors, it could be that one of the motors is not working properly, causing low suction. You will need to replace the faulty motor to get the system running again. A faulty motor may continue to spin but note that it could only be passing air through. Let the engine run for close to 20 minutes to be sure that it is working fine. If it doesn’t, get the motor changed.

  •  Is the Electrolux Vacuum Overheating?

If the central vacuum system, once turned on goes off on its own, it means that the cleaner is getting hotter than it should be. The solution to this is unplugging the unit and waiting a while, as instructed on the user manual, and then check if it will stay on for a while. If it doesn’t, it could be the thermal fuse needing replacement. Many local parts stores have them and can also help you change and replace them. 

  • Is Electrolux Vacuum Power Circulating?

Electrolux Central Vacuum VersatilityA multimeter or any other power continuity checking device will help you determine whether the vacuum has a power circulation problem. 

  • Unit is good, pipes have leaks

If you have had any construction work done recently, look out for any leaks in the pipes by walking around. If a pipe is leaking, the sound will be higher and louder on the part where the leak is. A leaking pipe will require replacement. 

  • Transformer and Motor Not Getting Power

Check if the power cords are damaged. You can also use another cord just to be sure that the problem is or is not with the cord. 

Electrolux Problem Diagnosis

Identifying the fault with your central vacuum system may be a hard task, especially if you are inexperienced with such systems. If you are not confident you will find the problem, you can always get an experienced handyman to check it for you.

 You can also reach out to Think Vacuums and we will have our experts diagnose the problem.

All parts that need replacing once the problem has been identified are also available at Think Vacuums. Do not halt your cleaning schedule due to a small system malfunction. Reach out to us and we will offer a viable solution.

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