Eliminate Workplace Allergens with the Right Central Vacuum System

Allergy vacuum cleaner

Cleaning Your Offices Is
Not an Option

Working in an office near other people for the better part of any weekday means sharing not just life stories, but also germs! Add to this the dust, dirt, bugs, and other debris that get brought into the workplace with shoes or other items, and you have a place teeming with many different types of allergens. Sounds gross? Yes, it sure does. But before you stress too much about it, know that with the right central vacuum system, most of these allergens can be eliminated.

What Is A Central Vacuum System?

Also known as a built-in or ducted vacuum, a central vacuum system is a whole-house (or office) vacuum system with built-in pipes that run through the interior walls. These pipes are connected to a large vacuum system typically located in a garage, basement, or business utility room. In the individual rooms, you will find suction ports resembling power outlets, on walls throughout the building or home. You can easily attach or detach a hose to these outlets, which allows you to easily clean the rooms without the need of hauling around a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Central vacuums are designed to be more powerful than portable vacuum cleaners to provide better cleaning. There is much less recirculation of dust and dirt and your environment becomes much cleaner and healthier. If you or some employees suffer from severe allergies or asthma, a central vacuum system is a great option since it exhausts to the outside. And once you have the system installed, you can expect to use it trouble-free for a long time - most work for 30 to 40 years. If you do not have a central vacuum system built into an exiting building, you can still have one retrofitted into your existing building by experienced installers with minimal construction needed.

Why You Need a DrainVac Central Vacuum for Your Offices

Central vacuum systems are the most powerful models available and do the best job of cleaning surfaces and the air in any environment. Their heavy-duty motors provide the best suction, are made from sturdy materials, and last for 20 years plus.

When choosing a Vacuum for allergies, get one with a good disposal system

DrainVac Has the
Best Disposal System

DrainVac systems come with the best central vacuum warranty in the business. They are known for craftsmanship, quality, and reliability. Each is made by hand in American factories to provide you with the best cleaning appliances available.

These vacuums provide the best way to dispose of dust, dirt, and allergens with high-quality disposable replacement bags. They are made with a strong two-ply construction, and provide 99.7% filtration. These bags are a much cleaner and more hygienic way of disposing of a bag’s contents. Anti-allergen in nature, they trap microscopic particles and dust with an adhesive film to seal completely tight. View other advantages and benefits of central vacuums.

Hygienic vacuum filters and bags for people with allergies

The Filters and Bags
Are Hygienic

DrainVac Silver Clean anti-microbial filters kill odors, bacterial, microbes, dust mites, and germs. They prevent the production, growth, and transmittal of these lung-damaging organisms and germs to make a healthier, cleaner work environment.

Enjoy HEPA filtration with 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns and an activated charcoal membrane for odor control and elimination of carbon dust. As a bonus, these vacuums also reduce the noise associated with other types of vacuums. Click here for a video about these amazing cleaning machines!

Get a Vacuum cleaner for allergies at the best price

The Price Guarantee
Can’t Be Beat

DrainVac central vacuums come with a pricing guarantee that makes them the best value for your business dollar. They are the best bang for your buck and can fit any business budget.

Our commercial customers tell us they love how quiet these CVs are. Their staff can use them and not disturb employees, managers, customers, or visitors. You don’t need to shift the vacuuming until everyone is off work. Clean when you need to.

Make the Right Choice with DrainVac Central Vacuum Systems

Drainvac is a good vacuum cleaner for people with allergies

DrainVac Is Always the
Right Choice

When you start looking for a central vacuum system, you will find many different brands on the market. You obviously want to go with a brand that is reasonably priced, high-quality, has good reviews from users, and works effectively and efficiently for a long time. The brand that would best meet all of these expectations is DrainVac – the best rated in the industry.

Our company has been in business for a long time, and we have worked hard not only to improve our product line, but also reduce the prices on them at the same time. So what you get from our DrainVac systems and from any other products is high quality with excellent performance. Once you purchase a DrainVac, you know it will be worth every penny you spend because it gives you worry-free service for years and years.

Our central vacuum systems come complete in all-in-one packages that include everything you need to install and start using your system in no time! They include all the essentials:

All you have to do is select the package that most suits your needs. Let us know how large your offices or facilities are and we will recommend the right model and size. Once you see how well central vacuums perform, you may want to install one in your home. No matter which DrainVac product you buy for your office, you can make it a much cleaner and healthier place to work.

“Central vacuum systems are the most powerful models available and do the best job of cleaning surfaces and the air in any environment. Their heavy-duty motors provide the best suction, are made from sturdy materials, and last for 20 years plus.”

Find Your Best Purchasing Opportunities Online

Find your central vacuum, tools, attachments, and accessories online with ThinkVacuums.com. Thousands of businesses have made the transitions from portable vacuums to central vacuums. You can be one of them and enjoy their advantages and benefits. We invite you to learn more about central vacuums by viewing our Video Library before buying.

Check our prices regularly for sales on leading brands and models of America’s best vacuums.

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