Essential Answers to Common Central Vacuum Questions

When you’re considering purchasing a central vacuum, it is essential to understand the answers to frequently asked questions about them. These answers will assist you in understanding how central vacuum systems work, how to install a system, which brand to buy, and how to use one. Read all of them before making your decision to get the best results in your search.

How They Work

  1. What is a central vacuum?A central vacuum is a built-in system with a power unit that contains a motor and a dust/dirt container. Pipes are connected to the unit and routed throughout a house. You plug one end of the hose into room inlets and attach tools for easier cleaning to the other end. The power unit is mounted out of the way in either the garage or basement.
  2. Why should I buy one?Central vacuum systems are the most powerful, quietest, and easiest to use home vacuum cleaners available. They are convenient because the dirt collector holds several gallons of debris and does not need frequent emptying. Their powerful motors pick up tiny particles that other types of vacuums miss. This is a bonus for families with children or pets. Additionally, the filtration systems clean the air better to improve your home’s air quality.
  3. How long does a central vacuum last?The best brands virtually last forever, and most come with generous warranties. Although the initial cost is more than an upright or canister model, the minimum repairs and parts make them cost-effective over the long-term.



  1. How do you route a central vacuum throughout a house?After mounting the power unit in the garage or basement, pipes are connected to it that run horizontally under the floors or above the ceilings. Additional pipes run vertically inside the walls which connect to wall or floor inlets. High-quality piping and joints literally last a lifetime so you’ll never have to worry about cutting into your walls to replace them.
  2. Can I do the work or should I hire an installer?Homeowners can install the complete system if they have adequate carpentry skills and the necessary tools. However, if this seems like an overwhelming project, you can always hire a professional to install your central vacuum system for you and remove any worry of incorrect installation.
  3. Do I need a wall inlet in every room or hallway?Yes, if your rooms are large and no if they are small. The long hoses can reach two smaller rooms or one room and a hall. For larger homes with multiple rooms that are 25’ to 30’ across, you need one inlet for each area. The three elements to consider when choosing inlets are their locations, style, and color.

Which Brand to Buy

  1. Are all brands of central vacuums the same?No, they vary in construction, power, quality, and versatility. By shopping our website, you will find a system that is ideal for your home at an affordable price.
  2. Which is the highest rated vacuum?DrainVac is America’s top choice of central vacuums for the last 35 years because it provides the best bang for your buck. Consumers consider this system the Ferrari of the vacuuming industry. It offers the widest range of products on the market because of the manufacturer’s innovation, creativity, and professionalism.
  3. Where can I find accurate advice?Our staff is knowledgeable about all central vacuum systems and can advise you about the right model and size for your home whether it’s 1,800 square feet or 9,000 square feet.

Using a Central Vacuum

  1. How is a CV different from an upright model?There is no heavy appliance to push across floors or long power cord to maneuver with a central vacuum. The lightweight hose and wand are easily carried from room to room with no strain on the shoulders or back. The dust collection is contained in the power unit outside the living area, which eliminates dust and odors that often come from upright and canister models.
  2. How can I use one efficiently?You can conveniently store the hose, wand, and attachments for a central vacuum in a small closet or area. Add the tool or attachment to the wand and hose and connect the hose to the inlet in the first area to be cleaned. Start with the dusting tool and then switch to the furniture attachment and last to the floor tool. Cleaning in this order will help you vacuum more efficiently by eliminating falling dust and duplication of effort.
  3. Are all the attachments I need available?Yes, most central vacuums have a wide array of tools, attachments, accessories, and parts. Order any extras that may not come with the vacuum purchase package, and you will never be without what you need.

Ordering a Central Vacuum from a Trusted Dealer

When you order from our extensive inventory at, you get the highest quality vacuums, attachments, and best prices. Our courteous customer service staff will assist you with answers to all your questions and help you select the central vacuum model that is right for your home.